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With a selection as large as ours we understand that it’s sometimes difficult to make choices for your own garden.

But like reliable gardening buddies who are full of ‘seasoned’ advice, we’re very happy to lean over the garden fence and share with you our personal favourites.

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Fall 2024Flour Garden

Flour Garden

Pamela began work on her debut novel, Flour Garden, after many 'inspirational' visits to garden clubs as an invited guest speaker. She has a keen eye for interesting personalities and...
Botanus Garden Collections-SpringOur Favourites-Spring

Fabulous Phlox Garden Collection

SAVE 42% Phlox will fit in any style of garden. It is a perennial, it has a beautiful fragrance, blooms throughout the summer until early fall, has nectar for bees,...
$59.95 $34.97
LiliesOriental Double

Roselily Anouska Double Oriental Lily

Roselily Anouska is one of Elke's Faves this season...here's why: Imagine delicate, double-petaled blooms that make ordinary lilies blush with envy. The Roselily Anouska isn’t just a flower; it’s a...
BegoniasBelgium Novelty

Red Glory Novelty Begonia

Red Glory Novelty Begonia is one of Wendy's Faves this season...here's why: Red Glory is such a vibrant shade of red it’s like a beacon of joy when planted in...
Our Favourites-SpringPerennials

Alstroemeria 'Avrille'

Alstroemeria 'Avrille' is one of Elke's Faves this season...here's why: This beautiful lily-like bloomer has always been a cut flower favourite of mine because it’s a chic and long-lasting addition...
Botanus Garden Collections-SpringOur Favourites-Spring

Hosta Garden Collection

SAVE 42% Hostas are my all-time favourite foliage plant. They offer amazing shapes and sizes in colour variations that are like a symphony of green, golds and whites. Hostas provide...
$59.95 $34.97
Our Favourites-SpringPerennials

Hemerocallis 'Schnickel Fritz'

Hemerocallis 'Schnickel Fritz' is one of Pamela's Faves this season...here's why: I admit that the name of this hemerocallis is what hooked me at first, but then one look at...
DahliasNovelty Dahlias

Poodle Skirt Novelty Dahlia

Poodle Skirt Novelty Dahlia is one of Wendy's Faves this season...here's why: The ‘Poodle Skirt’ Dahlia is such a great combination of colours. I love the tightly packed, wine coloured...
Our Favourites-SpringPerennials

Paeonia 'Alertie'

Paeonia 'Alertie' is one of Wendy's Faves this season...here's why: Peonies remind me of my childhood home and my mom. She loved to grow them and they continually dotted the...