Colchicums always bring a surprise to fall gardens when their leafless blossoms appear.

Try planting them among shrubs or in woodland gardens or in areas that need a bit of colour late in the season.

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ColchicumFall Flowering Bulbs

Colchicum 'Waterlily' Fall Flowering Bulb

'Waterlily' looks just like its namesake with lots of long, narrow lavender-pink petals; they are fairly large and bloom in early fall. Plant these lovely flowers any place you want...
ColchicumFall Flowering Bulbs

Colchicum 'The Giant' Fall Flowering Bulb

Colchicum 'The Giant' blossoms with large crocus-like translucent flowers that are rosy pink. They will spread easily in your garden bringing you years of autumn blooms! Colchicums always bring a...
ColchicumFall Flowering Bulbs

Colchicum autumnale album Fall Flowering Bulb

This fall flowering beauty produces snow white flowers that naturalize easily and multiply quickly. Plant alongside late blooming Asters for a fabulous fall show. Colchicums always bring a surprise to...