Parrot Tulips

These are real showstoppers and definitely should be in every tulip enthusiast’s garden!

Parrot tulips are named for their feather like petals. These large and exotically fringed flowers make the perfect accent in beds and borders.

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Amazing Parrot Tulip

Yup, they're amazing all right! They offer such fantastic colour and unique shape…just imagine them fully open in the spring sunshine. Each bloom is truly unique and we think that...

Black Parrot Tulip

Black Parrot is one of the darkest purple flowers available with jagged, feathered edges it looks fabulous in cut flower arrangements.  Each bloom is truly unique and we think that...
Canadian Celebration SpecialsParrot

Estella Rynveld Parrot Tulip

A crazy beautiful combination of red and white, Estella Rynveld offers classic tulip colours with an unconventional, show-stopping flower!                Each bloom is truly unique and we think that these...
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Flaming Parrot Tulip

Flaming Parrot, with its fiery red feathering on top of creamy yellow petals, resembles an exotic bird and will have passerbys taking a second look! It makes a superb cut...

Mysterious Parrot Tulip

This gorgeous tulip has grape-purple blooms. They're ruffled and curled and simply spectacular to look at. Each bloom is truly unique and we think that these showstopper tulips deserve to...

Secret Parrot Tulip

The 'secret' about Secret Parrot is the fact that it is a fully double, Parrot hybrid which means petal upon petal of ruffled gorgeousness! Each bloom is truly unique and...

Silver Parrot Tulip

Silver Parrot has large flowers that are ruffled and fringed, resembling feathers. Its stunning pink flowers, delicate silvery-white edges, and variegated foliage make it a true gem in the plant...