Kaufmanniana Tulips

An excellent addition to any rock garden or container.

Kaufmanniana are sturdy tulips that often have beautifully mottled foliage and star-like blooms which open up wide on sunny days to display a completely different colour effect than when closed.

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The First Kaufmanniana Tulip The First Kaufmanniana Tulip
Fall 2024Kaufmanniana

The First Kaufmanniana Tulip

This tulip will certainly be one of 'the first' tulips to bloom in your garden next spring. Perky, colourful and large blooms. It's a winner for sure! These little tulips...
Giuseppe Verdi Kaufmanniana Tulip Giuseppe Verdi Kaufmanniana Tulip
Fall 2024Kaufmanniana

Giuseppe Verdi Kaufmanniana Tulip

Set the stage for a beautiful spring with these lovely tulips. They'll create a note of cheerfulness in the garden and then sing loudly in the spring! These little tulips...