Trumpet Daffodils

When you think of traditional Daffodils, these are the ones!

Impressive, single stemmed flowers with big trumpets, these timeless icons of spring are planted in bunches for best effect or scattered across the landscape for a natural look.

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Daffodils & NarcissiTrumpet Daffodils

Angel's Flute Trumpet Daffodil

Angel's Flute is super pretty with nice strong stems - perfect for cutting and creating your own bouquets. These impressive, single stemmed flowers have trumpets that are as long as,...
Botanus Garden Collections-FallChionodoxa

Deer Resistant Collection

SAVE 42% Deer oh Deer! We all love to look at deer, from a distance, but we don’t want them eating the beautiful flowers we have painstakingly planted in our...
$49.95 $29.97
Daffodils & NarcissiTrumpet Daffodils

Dutch Master Trumpet Daffodil

An excellent cut flower this sturdy, classic, bright yellow daffodil looks amazing anywhere you want it to return again and again! Good drainage is a must. These impressive, single stemmed...
Daffodils & NarcissiTrumpet Daffodils

Gigantic Star Trumpet Daffodil

Gigantic Star is one gigantic yellow daffodil, alright! It bears an extra large yellow trumpet with sunny yellow petals and long-lasting blooms. These impressive, single stemmed flowers have trumpets that...
Daffodils & NarcissiTrumpet Daffodils

King Alfred Type Trumpet Daffodil

A classic tradition, these naturalizing yellow daffodils are fantastic as cut flowers or can be left alone to cover the garden. Traditions are a very good thing! These impressive, single...
Daffodils & NarcissiTrumpet Daffodils

Mount Hood Trumpet Daffodil

This lovely daffodil matures to pure white and with good drainage will naturalize easily in your garden. Try planting with Lady Killer crocus, it’s a great pairing! These impressive, single...