Tulips are the most celebrated, planted and loved flower in the world and they continue to thrill new generations of gardeners.

Today, over nine billion flower bulbs are produced each year in Holland, and the tulip alone accounts for at least 3 billion of these. Enjoy our extensive selection of varieties...there is something here for every gardener and every garden.

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Double LateTulips

Angelique Double Late Tulip

Who can resist one of our most popular tulips? Angelique has fragrant fully double petals of soft pink and a paler pink edge. She's hard to resist! Her fragrance can...
Mini BotanicalTulips

Mini Botanical Tulip Mix

A lovely mix on minis that are small and pack quite a punch.  Colourful, long lasting and return more consistently than standard tulips. For those seeking a truly natural look...
Single EarlyTulips

Princess Irene Single Early Tulips

Not only is Princess Irene a knockout on her own with her fragrant, orange petals covered with purple flames but she's also one of the best tulips to combine with...
Mini BotanicalTulips

Lizzy Mini Botanical Tulip

Oh my! Talk about a head-turner. These bright, cardinal-red Mini Botanical Tulips simply pop! For those seeking a truly natural look these miniature beauties are the right choice. Derived from...

Spring Green Viridiflora Tulip

You'll love the vibrant spring colours of this beautiful tulip and it pairs so well with other tulips. Once it blooms you'll be reminded of freshly sliced granny smith apples!...
Mini BotanicalTulips

Dasystemon Tarda Mini Botanical Tulip

This is such a cheerful flower and a real delight to see growing in the garden. It will multiply and spread over the years so choose a cozy little spot...
Mini BotanicalTulips

Little Beauty Mini Botanical Tulip

What a charmer! On a sunny day Little Beauty's reddish pink petals will open up to reveal a true-blue heart…quite the treat indeed! For those seeking a truly natural look...

Antoinette Multiflowering Tulip

These tulips are true chameleon because as they mature their light yellow flowers develop beautiful raspberry pink markings. Be sure to plant in full view for everyone to enjoy because...
Double EarlyTulips

Copper Image Double Early Tulip

'Copper Image' is a must have tulip for those gardeners who love the unusual, love warm colours and love cut flowers. This gorgeous, relatively new introduction promises to create the...
Double EarlyTulips

Secret Perfume Double EarlyTulip

If you purchase only one tulip variety this fall then let it be Secret Perfume. The long-lasting flowerheads of this very special hybrid will blow you away and their candy-sweet...
Mini BotanicalTulips

Saxatilis Mini Botanical Tulip

Saxatilis bulbs love to be crowded so plant a nice grouping of these soft lilac and yellow based flowers in pots or out front in the garden and let them...

Doll's Minuet Viridiflora Tulip

Doll's Minuet is one of the tallest Viridiflora tulips available and offers deep magenta pink colour with flashes of green and purple on the petal's outer side. Truly magnificent. These...
Double EarlyTulips

Amazing Grace Double Early Tulip

These super double tulips are amazing indeed! Pink petal upon petal are packed into each and every flowerhead so that they look like fluffy clouds of cotton candy. When they...
Mini BotanicalTulips

Humilis Alba Coerulea Oculata Mini Botanical Tulip

Big name, huge impact! This gem of a tulip belongs in every collector's garden. The colour is simply stunning with its white, star-shaped petals and heart of blue! For those...
FosterianaSpring 2024

Disneyland Paris Fosteriana Tulip

Disneyland Paris reflects the festive atmosphere of the world famous park. Bright orange, double petals on strong, sturdy stems. Of all the tulip varieties available, these are some of the...
Creative CombinationsDaffodils & Narcissi

All Set For Spring Creative Combination

Like a little mini spring garden, this fantastic collection has everything you need to greet the spring with colour and fragrance. The All Set For Spring Creative Combination contains Passionale...
Collector Series TulipsTulips

Ice Cream Collector Series Tulip

We think these fabulous tulips have the most appropriate name and judging from the look of them agree that they look good enough to eat. Rare and very spectacular. Limited...
Double EarlyTulips

Monte Orange Double Early Tulip

Bursting with melon-coloured petals and an enticing fragrance, Monte Orange definitely is on the 'must have' list this season! When they say double they mean it! In fact, these beautiful...
Mini BotanicalTulips

Pulchella Eastern Star Mini Botanical Tulip

Each flower is made up of bright pink petals with lemon yellow centres and when planted en masse they stand out, year after year. For those seeking a truly natural...
Double EarlyTulips

Aveyron Double Early Tulip

A real stunner, Aveyron is overflowing with deep rose-pink petals, layer upon layer. When they say double they mean it! In fact, these beautiful tulips have twice the amount of...