A western North America native that can fill an area with spring colour.

Camassia are related to the asparagus family and like to grow in meadows and at the edge of woodlands. They are hardy, easy to grow in most any soil type, and produce spikes of lovely flowers in late spring.

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CamassiaUnusual Bulbs-Fall

Camassia 'Blue Melody'

Beautiful violet-blue blooms that spring from variegated foliage and naturalize well! Native to North America, Camasses are very hardy and will grow in any normal to wet ground. Because they...
CamassiaUnusual Bulbs-Fall

Camassia esculenta quamash

This plant bears lovely violet-blue flowers. It naturalizes easily, will tolerate moist or dry soil conditions and deer do not like them. Plant in large groups for maximum effect. Native...