Poetaz Narcissi

If it’s fragrance you’re looking for, then be sure to choose some Poetaz Narcissi!

These cultivars produce sweetly fragrant, multiple blooms. They are excellent for forcing and naturalize well.

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Daffodils & NarcissiPoetaz

Bridal Crown Poetaz Narcissi

With every stem giving you several very fragrant blooms, you will want to plant this fully double, bright white and lemon coloured beauty in containers and close to the house....
Daffodils & NarcissiPoetaz

Geranium Poetaz Narcissi

Wide snow white petals hold a small, bright orange cup; the contrast is striking and the fragrance fantastic. Plant as many of these multi-flowering beauties as you can fit in....
Creative CombinationsCupped

Peek a Boo Creative Combination

This is a perky, early spring blooming combination of Cupped and Poetaz Narcissi. Orange-coloured cups are featured in both varieties and both exude 'Spring' in the best possible way. These...
Daffodils & NarcissiPoetaz

Yellow Cheerfulness Poetaz Narcissi

Planted in a sunny well-drained location this variety will naturalize well. With 2-3 fragrant flowers per stem it’s really quite impressive...perfect for your spring bouquets. These cultivars are timeless treasures....