Unusual Bulbs A-B

This colourful group of unusual bulbs includes the ever popular Anemones as well as an outdoor Amaryllis and the beautifully coloured Bessera elegans.

All of them make terrific cut flowers so be sure to plant a lot!

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Spring 2024Unusual Bulbs A-B

Bessera elegans

Commonly known as Coral Drops, these beautiful flowers will remind you of snowdrops except they're bright orange and creamy white. Excellent container plant and can be grown indoors too. Very...
Spring 2024Unusual Bulbs A-B

Amaryllis belladonna

Amaryllis belladonna is happiest in well drained soil that is warm and dry in the late summer. It is deer and rodent resistant and loves being planted in containers or...
Spring 2024Unusual Bulbs A-B

Anemone De Caen 'The Bride'

These beautiful white blooms will attract butterflies and they grow well in containers too! Anemone De Caen do wonderfully grouped along borders where you need a splash of colour. Plant...