Viridiflora Tulips

These are true beauties. As well as being naturally elegant, Viridiflora tulips have a long flowering time: a perfect combination.

Each petal displays a green stripe that provides a soft, feathery accent. A favourite of floral arrangers.

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Fall 2024Tulips

Artist Viridiflora Tulip

Mother Nature has created the perfect flower portrait. Artist is like a carefully painted canvas filled with the broad brush strokes of warm hues like a setting summer sun. These...
Fall 2024Tulips

Doll's Minuet Viridiflora Tulip

Doll's Minuet is one of the tallest Viridiflora tulips available and offers deep magenta pink colour with flashes of green and purple on the petal's outer side. Truly magnificent. These...
Fall 2024Tulips

Greenland Viridiflora Tulip

This late blooming tulip offers a delightful colour combination of pink and green. Having received the Royal Horicultural Society's Award of Garden Merit, it is considered one of the most...

Purple Doll Viridiflora Tulip

There's plenty to love about Purple Doll. The pointed purple petals flamed with green are as cute a bug in a rug. These are true tulip beauties and deserving of...
Fall 2024Tulips

Spring Green Viridiflora Tulip

You'll love the vibrant spring colours of this beautiful tulip and it pairs so well with other tulips. Once it blooms you'll be reminded of freshly sliced granny smith apples!...