Mini Botanical Tulips

For those seeking a truly natural look, these miniature beauties are the right choice.

Derived from wild species, they naturalize well and can be left in the same spot for years. They’re perfect for rock gardens or along the edges of borders.

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Mini BotanicalTulips

Dasystemon Tarda Mini Botanical Tulip

This is such a cheerful flower and a real delight to see growing in the garden. It will multiply and spread over the years so choose a cozy little spot...
Mini BotanicalTulips

Humilis Alba Coerulea Oculata Mini Botanical Tulip

Big name, huge impact! This gem of a tulip belongs in every collector's garden. The colour is simply stunning with its white, star-shaped petals and heart of blue! For those...
Mini BotanicalTulips

Little Beauty Mini Botanical Tulip

What a charmer! On a sunny day Little Beauty's reddish pink petals will open up to reveal a true-blue heart…quite the treat indeed! For those seeking a truly natural look...
Mini BotanicalTulips

Little Princess Mini Botanical Tulip

Plant these eye catching multicoloured tulips on their own in large clumps. You will not want to miss the moment when they open up to reveal their tangerine orange coloured...
Mini BotanicalTulips

Lizzy Mini Botanical Tulip

Oh my! Talk about a head-turner. These bright, cardinal-red Mini Botanical Tulips simply pop! For those seeking a truly natural look these miniature beauties are the right choice. Derived from...
Mini BotanicalTulips

Mini Botanical Tulip Mix

A lovely mix on minis that are small and pack quite a punch.  Colourful, long lasting and return more consistently than standard tulips. For those seeking a truly natural look...
Mini BotanicalTulips

Peppermint Stick Mini Botanical Tulip

This cute little tulip is just as sweet as candy. Its striking red outer petals mix with white inner petals to make it look like an edible treat. Plant them...
Mini BotanicalTulips

Praestans unicum Mini Botanical Tulip

Praestans unicum is a real standout because it is one of the few multiflowering Mini Botanical tulips meaning you get more than one bloom per stem. It also features very...
Mini BotanicalTulips

Pulchella Eastern Star Mini Botanical Tulip

Each flower is made up of bright pink petals with lemon yellow centres and when planted en masse they stand out, year after year. For those seeking a truly natural...
Mini BotanicalTulips

Saxatilis Mini Botanical Tulip

Saxatilis bulbs love to be crowded so plant a nice grouping of these soft lilac and yellow based flowers in pots or out front in the garden and let them...