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Hostas are my all-time favourite foliage plant. They offer amazing shapes and sizes in colour variations that are like a symphony of green, golds and whites. Hostas provide a peaceful, Zen-like look to any shady spot. Grow them in containers or in your garden beds. They’re not fussy and flourish easily. Plant my Hosta Garden Collection this spring and let the relaxation begin!

Pamela Dangelmaier

The Hosta Garden Collection includes:

1 'Guacamole' (Bare Root)

Once established this awesome Hosta will grow two feet tall and four feet wide. It’s one of the few sun tolerant varieties and its foliage reminds me of a cut open avocado: dark green on the edge and light green in the centre.

2 'August Moon' (Bare Roots)

I’m over the moon for ‘August Moon’. It’s one of the few hostas that can flourish in full sun. Its golden yellow colour will be more pronounced depending on how much sun you’re able to provide. In shadier spots its chartreuse leaves will still be a standout!

1 'Gold Standard'
(Bare Root)

This award-winning hosta offers large textured ovate-shaped leaves that emerge lime green in spring, turning golden in colour with distinctive dark green edging throughout the season. This two-tone combination creates a dramatic effect in the shade.

2 'Wide Brim' (Bare Roots)

You can’t help but love this hosta! It has such a refreshing look that will have you smiling ‘wide’. The bluish-green foliage is edged with a broad band of ivory to creamy yellow margins.

2 'Francee' (Bare Roots)

‘Francee’ is perhaps one of the most popular of the white-variegated hostas. It offers handsome, dark green foliage with crisp white margins. Very dramatic!

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