Single Early Tulips

Single Early tulips have a very distinctive shape having exactly six petals that are usually pointed at the tip.

The flowers are large and long lasting which makes them an excellent choice for cutting and forcing.

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Single EarlyTulips

Candy Prince Single Early Tulip

Candy Prince has a lovely, silvery sheen on its light purple petals. True to their name, these single flowered cultivars bloom in early spring. They have a very distinctive shape...
Creative CombinationsSingle Early

Crown Jewels Creative Combination

Ruby red jewel tones mix with soft, velvety pink hues to create a truly royal display of tulips. This regal collection contains both single flowered and triumph cultivars that bloom...
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Single EarlyTulips

Diana Single Early Tulip

Large pure white, fragrant flowers that are great for cutting. Plant them in a container with Mondial Double Early tulips for a true vision in white. True to their name,...
Single EarlyTulips

Pretty Princess Single Early Tulip

Pretty indeed! This many shades of pink version of Princess Irene promises to stand out in the early spring garden. Long lasting blooms on strong stems! True to their name,...
Single EarlyTulips

Princess Irene Single Early Tulips

Not only is Princess Irene a knockout on her own with her fragrant, orange petals covered with purple flames but she's also one of the best tulips to combine with...
Single EarlyTulips

Purple Prince Single Early Tulip

These bright purple petals are perfect for any spot in the garden. Try planting them with Carnegie Hyacinths for a dramatic contrast. True to their name, these single flowered cultivars bloom...
Single EarlyTulips

Ruby Prince Single Early Tulip

A real stunner, Ruby Prince over-delivers when it comes to strong red flowers. Super sturdy and Princely indeed! True to their name, these single flowered cultivars bloom in early spring....
Creative CombinationsSingle Early

Three Princes Creative Combination

You won’t have to kiss a frog to get these ‘Prince Charmings’ growing in your garden! All you have to do is plant them this fall and await their arrival...
Single EarlyTulips

Yokohama Single Early Tulip

Long lasting sturdy stems make this shining yellow tulip perfect for pots and they are especially nice when surrounded by an underplanting of Muscari…so cheerful and bright! True to their...