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This season there's lots of new and exciting flower bulb, perennials & roses to choose from.

We like to keep things fresh and interesting so that you're guaranteed to find a few new goodies for the garden!

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Alchemilla mollis Alchemilla mollis
PerennialsPerennials A

Alchemilla mollis

Easy to grow, this old-fashioned herbaceous perennial is also known as Lady’s Mantle. The small Chartreuse blooms are sweet as cut flowers and that will keep the plant from self-seeding....
Alstroemeria 'Avrille' Elke Wehinger
Our Favourites-SpringPerennials

Alstroemeria 'Avrille'

Alstroemeria 'Avrille' is one of Elke's Faves this season...here's why: This beautiful lily-like bloomer has always been a cut flower favourite of mine because it’s a chic and long-lasting addition...
Gladiolus - SpringSpring 2024

Amber Mystique Gladiolus

Amber Mystique combines the mainly creamy white petals with bold fuchsia throats that look like they’ve been hand painted. Great as cut flowers in lush bouquets. Looking for something just...
Bathsheba David Austin Rose
David AustinRoses

Bathsheba David Austin Rose

Bathsheba blooms are jam packed with beautiful apricot-pink and soft yellow petals with an incredible myrrh and honey fragrance. We're very proud to have our David Austin English Roses are...

Big Smile Oriental Lily

Yup! You'll be smiling big when you see these gorgeous lilies in bloom this summer in your garden. Not only is the colour combo pleasing but the scent will make...
Botanus Children of Haiti Bracelets Botanus Children of Haiti Bracelets

Botanus Children of Haiti Bracelets

NEW STYLE! We are excited to introduce the new Children of Haiti Bracelets featuring a memory wire style - one size fits all! Each bracelet is completely unique, flexible, durable,...
DahliasGiant Dinnerplate

Cafe au Lait Royal Giant Dinnerplate Dahlia

Cafe au Lait Royal is one of Elke's Faves this season...here's why: This cousin of Cafe au Lait is another stunner! You’ll be in awe of these light creamy pink...
Cafe au Lait Twist Giant Dinnerplate Dahlia Cafe au Lait Twist Giant Dinnerplate Dahlia
DahliasGiant Dinnerplate

Cafe au Lait Twist Giant Dinnerplate Dahlia

This striking 9 in, 23 cm across relative of Cafe Au Lait is amazing because every flower is a delightful mix of creamy caramels with brush strokes and speckles of...
Canna Dwarf 'Yarra' Canna Dwarf 'Yarra'
Spring 2024Unusual Bulbs C

Canna Dwarf 'Yarra'

These bright yellow flowers speckled with bright red will ight up your containers! Cannas are a very popular summer garden plant. They do particularly well in pots and containers. Cannas...
Chris Evert Weeks Hybrid Tea Rose
RosesSpring 2024

Chris Evert Weeks Hybrid Tea Rose

Vivid yellow, orange petals with a gorgeous scarlet blush on the edges. Good disease resistance with deep glossy green leaves. Hybrid tea roses are about the most popular cutting varieties...
PerennialsPerennials D-E

Dianthus Scent First 'Coral Reef'

These coral-pink double flowers with white picotee edging, smell of cinnamon and spice and everything nice! Regular cutting to enjoy indoors will encourage even more blooms all season long. It...
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Fabulous Phlox Garden Collection Elke Wehinger
Botanus Garden Collections-SpringOur Favourites-Spring

Fabulous Phlox Garden Collection

SAVE 42% Phlox will fit in any style of garden. It is a perennial, it has a beautiful fragrance, blooms throughout the summer until early fall, has nectar for bees,...
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Ferncliff Illusion Giant Dinnerplate Dahlia Ferncliff Illusion Giant Dinnerplate Dahlia
DahliasGiant Dinnerplate

Ferncliff Illusion Giant Dinnerplate Dahlia

This is one of our tallest Dinnerplate Dahlias. Towering at over 4 feet this giant is matched only by the size and beauty of its blooms. No illusion here! Are...
Spring 2024Unusual Bulbs E-S

Ferraria crispa

Known as Starfish Iris, these interesting plants resemble frilly, spotted starfish and are best grown in containers in bright sunny locations that are frost free. It offers a vanilla scent...
Gentiana 'True Blue'
PerennialsPerennials F-G

Gentiana 'True Blue'

These are the most amazing, true, sapphire blue flowers you will ever see. The blooms are upward facing, about 2 inches long, emerging from a mound of glossy green foliage....
PerennialsPerennials H

Heliopsis helianthoides 'Asahi'

Also known as false sunflower, this Heliopsis is quite fabulous because the golden yellow flowers are larger and they’re fully double. The blooms are attractive to butterflies and other insect...
Hemerocallis 'Pansy Face Charmer'
PerennialsPerennials H

Hemerocallis 'Pansy Face Charmer'

This reblooming daylily’s flowers, which can reach 5 inches across, have yellow and maroons designs that resemble giant pansies. Each one is a floral masterpiece! Daylilies are hardy perennials that...
Hemerocallis 'Schnickel Fritz' Pamela Dangelmaier
Our Favourites-SpringPerennials

Hemerocallis 'Schnickel Fritz'

Hemerocallis 'Schnickel Fritz' is one of Pamela's Faves this season...here's why: I admit that the name of this hemerocallis is what hooked me at first, but then one look at...
Heuchera 'Lime Rickey' Heuchera 'Lime Rickey'
PerennialsPerennials H

Heuchera 'Lime Rickey'

This pretty perennial is all about the eye catching, ruffled, lime green leaves but the spires of tiny white flowers are what the pollinators love about it. Best grown in...
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Hosta Garden Collection Pamela Dangelmaier
Botanus Garden Collections-SpringOur Favourites-Spring

Hosta Garden Collection

SAVE 42% Hostas are my all-time favourite foliage plant. They offer amazing shapes and sizes in colour variations that are like a symphony of green, golds and whites. Hostas provide...
$59.95 $34.97