Hardiness Zones

Canada is divided into many different climate zones which range from 0 (coldest) to 8a (warmest). The colour-coded map of Canada makes it easier for you to determine which zone you live in. Each and every plant we carry has a Hardiness Zone rating which will tell you whether or not it is able to be grown in your area. This is a very important factor to keep in mind when choosing items for your garden.

It's important to choose plants that are suitable for your climate zone because they have adapted the specific conditions of that area, such as temperature, rainfall, and soil type. Plants that are not suited to your climate zone may struggle to survive or perish, which can be a waste of time and money. By selecting plants with a Hardiness Zone rating that matches your area, you can ensure that they will thrive and provide the desired aesthetic appeal to your garden.

Additionally, choosing plants that are well-suited to your climate zone can also help reduce the need for excessive watering, fertilizing, and other maintenance practices. This can save you time and money in the long run while also helping to conserve resources and promote sustainable gardening practices. Overall, understanding your climate zone and selecting appropriate plants is an essential step in creating a beautiful and thriving garden.

If you are unsure which zone you live in click on the map below and you will be transferred to Agriculture Canada’s Plant Hardiness Zone by Municipality. Simply choose your province then the first letter of your town/city (or closest town/city) to see your hardiness zone rating.

So before you start planting, be sure to check the Hardiness Zone rating of each plant and choose accordingly!

Of course, you can also contact us directly and we’d be happy to let you know which zone you live in – service@botanus.com


Canadian Hardiness Zone Map

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