Triumph Tulips

These popular hybrids of early and late single tulips grow medium-tall and flower in mid season.

They are strong and sturdy and extremely versatile. Plant them in containers, beds, force them indoors or use them as cut flowers!

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Suncatcher Triumph Tulip

Light up your garden bed with these blazingly beautiful tulips. The artful combination of fiery orange and sunny yellow is spectacular! Triumph tulips constitute the largest classification of tulips with...

Tender Whisper Triumph Tulip

Tender Whisper looks like a lily-flowered tulip but is, in fact, a Triumph variety. The unusually shaped flowerheads add to its charm. This is also an extremely good cutting flower...
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Wildhof Triumph Tulips

The ideal contrast tulip, Wildhof offers pure white blooms that appear mid spring. Do you have a lot of ground to cover? Mass plantings of Spring bulbs have a tremendous...

Yellow Friendship Triumph Tulip

Sunny yellow flowers such as Yellow Friendship tulips belong in every garden for the simple reason that they brighten even the darkest spring day. Plant some in a friend's garden!...
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