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Soft Touch Creative Combination is are one of Wendy's Faves this season...here's why:

I just love the tones of peach, white and oranges in this combination. The tulips are a beautiful blend of my favourite colours and the white and peach Daffodils are perfect alongside them. I think I'll plant 2 packages of this mix in my balcony planter this year. I can't wait for spring!

Wendy Leroux

This sweet mix of Tulips and Narcissi will be at home in the garden or containers and would make an excellent cut flower bouquet for indoors as well. The varying shades of orange, peach and white make 'Soft Touch' stand out from every angle.

Triumph tulips constitute the largest classification of tulips with more than 1400 registered hybrids! The reason they are so popular is that they are combination of both Early and Late Single tulips offering all the best features of each: medium-tall height, strong sturdy stems, a rainbow of colour choices, versatility that allows them to be easily grown in garden beds and containers and they look wonderful in cut flower arrangements.

Rock Garden Narcissi are somewhat shorter in stature and because of this they do extremely well in beds, borders and, of course, rock gardens. Don't forget containers too - their height is perfect for creating beautiful 'mini-gardens' in pots and tubs. All varieties are good naturalizers and will provide you with years of pleasure!

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