building a relationship with your mailorder plant supplier

Plants are what make your garden special, different, rewarding and enjoyable. When it comes to adding these green delights to your space, you don’t necessarily have to look any further than your mail order plant supplier. Building a relationship with them can help ensure you get the best plants, the greatest assortment, the best support from experts, and the most assurance that your plants will thrive. After all, when we buy a plant we love, we want to grow it and enjoy it in our garden and don’t just want a refund as a solution.

Our slogan at Botanus is 'Care ~ Inspire ~ Grow' and that is exactly how we feel.

Care: Everything we do and say is because we care. Caring is one of our core values and will never be compromised. We care about plants, quality, service, the planet and people.

Inspire: We want to inspire and be inspired. Because of this we like to share information about plants, growing, gardening, projects, life and us. Inspiration from our customers and fellow gardeners is important to us and most welcome.

Grow: Growing is essential to our business and in our lives. We’re committed to it and love to grow plants, grow as individuals and grow as a community of like-minded people.

Our dream is to make a difference in the Canadian gardening world with the goal of getting people excited about gardening by providing top notch plants and outstanding service.

What we’ve accomplished, what we continue to do and what we strive to achieve in the future all comes down to those three simple words: Care ~ Inspire ~ Grow. This is what we do, this is who we are and this is what we wish for our gardening friends and customers.

Your happiness as our customer is first on our mind. This is why Botanus offers you a ‘Customer Happiness Manager’ to take care of you and nurture our relationship. 

In the end, building a relationship with Botanus is not only beneficial for you, but for us as well. Your feedback and suggestions help us to grow and fulfill our promise to you to be a trustworthy spplier who provides excellent products and service. So whether you’re an experienced plant collector or a newbie to the world of green thumbs, don’t be afraid to reach out to us and start building a relationship.

Botanus is grateful for your support!

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