Check on stored flower bulbs

Check on stored bulbs

When we clean up our gardens we have the chance of overwintering tender bulbs and so we can enjoy them season after season. Many plants come from warmer climates than the one we are gardening in and need to be protected throughout the winter season. 

Winter is a challenging season for plant enthusiasts and gardeners. We can’t wait to get our hands dirty again and get out into our gardens to play. But what we also really want is the reunion with the plants we put in storage over the winter. To make this a pleasant experience, one of the most important tasks during this time of year is checking on the health of any bulbs that have been stored for the winter. If a bulb is carefully inspected and monitored, it has a much better chance of surviving until spring. 

The goal of storing bulbs is to prevent them from freezing and to keep them from becoming diseased or infested with bugs. It is helpful to inspect bulbs before storing them in order to identify any diseases or bug problems that may already be present. This step ensures that the bulbs will stay in good condition during the storage period. 

When inspecting bulbs for storage, look for the following signs of damage: soft or discoloured spots, broken outer layers, mold, or any trace of pests. It is also important to check for evidence of existing diseases, such as fuzzy or slimy spots. If any of these symptoms are found, the affected bulbs should be discarded as they are unlikely to survive the winter. 

When you stored your bulbs in late fall, you put them to sleep in a cool and dry spot. It is important to check on the stored bulbs periodically throughout the winter and now is a good time to do it. 

If the bulbs were properly stored and the area is still dry and cool, the bulbs will be safe until the appropriate time for planting in the spring. However, if the temperature and humidity have been fluctuating or there is evidence of mold, pests, or disease, the bulbs should be moved to a new location. If left in the same spot, the bulbs might not survive the rest of the winter. 

It will also make you feel good to know, that your babies are well taken care of.

By taking the time to check on stored bulbs you will prevent the spreading of disease and the bulbs will stay healthy until they are ready to be planted in the spring.

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