As the winter chill gradually begins to loosen its grip across Canada, gardening enthusiasts like us eagerly await the arrival of Spring. The month of March signifies the beginning of a new gardening season, filled with anticipation and the promise of vibrant blooms and bountiful harvests. I am getting excited just thinking about my time outside digging. Ahhhh bliss! 

However, with Canada's many climate zones, it's crucial to tailor your gardening activities to your specific region. For those in colder climates, preparing indoors with research, planning, and browsing through the Botanus catalogue is a great way to get started. Ordering your plants early to reserve them will set the stage for a successful gardening year.

Before plunging into the excitement of Spring and gardening, Canadian gardeners must first identify their specific climate zone. Canada is home to a range of zones, each with its unique characteristics. The Plant Hardiness Zone Map is an excellent resource for determining your specific zone and understanding the optimal conditions for your plants. You can find a link on our Botanus website and, of course, we are here to help if you have any questions.

For gardeners in colder zones, March is the perfect time to start preparations indoors. Begin by assessing your gardening tools, ensuring they are clean, sharpened, and ready for use. Plan your garden layout, considering factors like sunlight, soil quality, and plant compatibility. This indoor preparation sets the stage for a seamless transition once outdoor conditions permit. We know that knowledge is power and during the time we are not able to go outside and physically dig and grow and harvest, we can use this valuable time to expand our gardening knowledge.

Explore new plant varieties suitable for your zone, learn about potential pests and diseases, and familiarize yourself with effective gardening techniques. Local gardening clubs, online forums, and community workshops are excellent resources for exchanging insights and tips with fellow Canadian gardeners. We at Botanus have visited and given presentations at many Garden Clubs - even by Zoom if it wasn't possible to be there in person. It was always super fun to meet like-minded people and see the excitement that is shared in the club. So look up your area and join a club. You will learn a lot, you can share your knowledge with others and you will for sure make some friends. Win-Win!

While it may be tempting to rush into local garden centers, Canadian gardeners in colder climates can benefit from ordering plants and seeds through a reputable mail-order company like Botanus. This allows you to access a broader selection of plant varieties tailored to your specific zone. Be sure to place your orders early to secure your preferred selections and ensure timely delivery. Here at Botanus we will reserve your plants at the time of your order and will ship them to you at the right time for you to plant. So all the guesswork is done for you.

In milder climates or as March progresses, consider preparing outdoor spaces for planting. Set up cold frames to extend the growing season and protect delicate seedlings. Clear debris from garden beds, amend the soil as needed, and assess the overall health of perennials. This hands-on approach prepares your garden for the imminent burst of spring growth. I love this time because I can feel how close the gardening season is. Just writing this makes me excited for new things to come and I might just look for some plants I never tried before but always wanted.

If you have difficulties deciding what to get this season, we have Our Favourites to get you started or even some Garden Collections that makes it easy to get going. From there you can also check out our Top Sellers as they are indications of what other gardeners have already tried and love.

Gardening is a never-ending story and we wouldn't want it any other way.

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