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Valentine's Day was always a very busy season in my flower shop. People came and lined up around the store to buy flowers for their loved ones. There was such a great energy of love. I was thinking of this great time and was wondering why Valentine's Day is also a special day for gardeners.

Valentine's Day, often associated with love and romance, holds a special place in the hearts of many. While chocolates and flower bouquets are traditional gifts exchanged on this day, there's a unique connection between Valentine's Day and the world of gardening. For those passionate about gardening, this day goes beyond roses and embraces the essence of nurturing and growing love.

For gardeners, every day spent in the garden is an expression of love for nature. It is a lot of giving but I receive so much back. It keeps me calm and balanced and it makes me happy. 

Valentine's Day provides an opportunity to celebrate this passion for growing things, especially the blossoming flowers that symbolize love and affection. Cultivating a garden is a labour of love, and the sight of vibrant, blooming flowers on this day reinforces the connection between the gardener and their beloved plants. It's a perfect connection.

Gardeners often find joy in giving and receiving plants as gifts. Valentine's Day allows them to share their love for gardening with their partner by selecting and exchanging meaningful plants. Whether it's a potted rose, a fragrant lavender bush like L.Hidcote or L.Platinum Blonde, or a charming sedum, these gifts not only symbolize love but also carry the promise of growth and longevity.

I have often experienced that people were shy about gifting flowers to a florist. They thought we were working with flowers all day and might have had enough of them. WRONG! We are working with flowers because we love them and there is no end of that love by the end of a workday or week. So if you feel intimidated or you don't know what a florist or a gardener likes, give a gift certificate. It's a great way to show your love and it shows that you understand this person. It is also a gift that keeps on giving.

In February, there is not too much that can be done other than planning and ordering plants from a catalogue. With a gift certificate you can start the happiness right now as well as later in the season.
Flowers have long been associated with conveying emotions, and each bloom holds a unique meaning. Valentine's Day provides gardeners with an opportunity to create bouquets that tell a personalized story. From the classic red roses symbolizing deep love to the delicate daisies representing innocence, gardeners can curate arrangements that speak volumes about the emotions they wish to express. There might be a special flower that is part of the story and holds a special meaning. No matter what ... there is a plant for everything.

Many couples find solace and joy in gardening together. Valentine's Day becomes a shared experience, with couples planning their garden and looking through the Botanus catalogue, even looking for the hidden gnome in the catalogue together and ,of course, starting to plant new perennials and shrubs or tending to their existing garden. The act of nurturing and growing together mirrors the growth of their relationship, fostering a deeper connection through shared interests and common goals.

Gardeners often believe in the language of plants, where each species conveys a different message. Valentine's Day becomes an opportunity to communicate feelings through the language of flowers. From the passionate intensity of a red tulip to the timeless elegance of a lily, gardeners can carefully select blooms that resonate with the emotions they wish to express.

Use this opportunity to connect. Valentine's Day holds a unique significance for gardeners, as it allows them to intertwine their love for nature with the celebration of love between partners. From the symbolic language of flowers to the act of gardening together, this day becomes a canvas for expressing emotions and fostering growth, both in the garden and in relationships.
So, this Valentine's Day, let the fragrance of blooming flowers and the promise of new growth in the garden inspire a celebration of love that goes beyond traditional gestures. From everyone at Botanus we wish to say: Happy Valentine's Day to all the passionate gardeners cultivating love in their hearts and gardens!
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