How to grow mailorder plants from bulbs and bare roots

How to Grow Mailorder Plants from bulbs and bare roots

Growing plants from bulbs and bare roots is an excellent and cost-effective way to grow your garden. While it may be intimidating for new gardeners, planting bulbs and bare roots is relatively simple and quick to complete.

The first step to growing your new plants is to properly prepare the area. This can be done by ensuring the soil is deep, well tilled and has adequate drainage. Also, be sure to plant the bulbs or bare roots at the depth recommended on the packaging. If planted too shallow the plant won't grow, and if planted too deep and it won't reach the surface. Once the ground is prepped, it's time to start planting!

For bulbs, insert the bulb in the soil, pointy end up and covered in soil. Water the planted area, and they will begin to set roots. When planting bare roots, pre-soaking is critical. Fill a large container, such as a bucket, with water. Place the bare roots in the container with the most delicate roots (often the bottom of the root) resting against the side of the bucket. Soak for 30 minutes, or until the roots become soft. Plant the bare roots into the soil at a depth of approximately 10 cm or as recommended on the packaging. Spread the fertile soil gently on the roots, taking care not to damage them. Press on the soil to avoid air pockets and water well.

Now that the planting is done, it's time to take care of your plants. Fertilizing is important, and will help encourage flowering and robust growth. For newly planted bulbs and bare roots, a general -purpose, water-soluble fertilizer works best. When the plants start to grow, you can switch to a slow release fertilizer that last longer. Additionally, proper watering is vital for any plants. Be sure to water enough, but not to the point of flooding. A common mistake is over-watering, so adjust accordingly and monitor the area.

Now your plants are now safe and sound!

If grown under the correct conditions and depending on the type of plant, you will see flowers and foliage in a few weeks. Remember to keep up with the maintenance, such as weeding and pruning, which will ensure the proper growth and maintain the health of the plants. With some minimal effort, you will have your gardens or indoors filled with beautiful plants and flowers.

Give your plants time to grow roots, especially in the first year. The second year will be easier on the plant as it it can put most of the energy into growing a big healthy plant. Usually in the third year you will see a full size plant that will only get better and bigger every year.

Mail order plants are an excellent option for Canadian gardeners looking to expand their horticultural repertoire in the comfort of their own homes. Whether you’re looking for an unusual or rare species of flower, a native wildflower, or simply something new to fill a space, mail order plants are a convenient way to cultivate a garden. 

Build a good relationship with your reputable plant supplier and you will be supported and inspired to become a gardener or continue to grow as a seasoned master. 

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