Every year I look at all the different options we have when it come to shrubs and then, I wondered why I love them so much? There are always many reasons why we love plants but there are definitely some great things about shrubs that can work for anyone.

Shrubs are one of the most versatile plants that can be grown in any garden setting. They provide a beautiful accent to any landscape and are perfect for those looking to add structure and visual interest to their garden. I think this was one of the big reasons why I like shrubs. For me,  structure and visual interest are what makes a garden different and provides that 'wow' factor.

Shrubs also come in a wide range of colours, shapes, sizes, and textures that can fit almost any garden style, which provides options for everyone. 

Let’s look at 5 good reasons why shrubs are the perfect plant for your garden. These ideas may inspire you to have a closer look at shrubs and the possibility to make your garden a little more interesting!

1. Easy Maintenance

This is always a good reason to get a plant. We all are busy and really don’t need any extra work. Even though, I have to say, gardening for me is not considered extra work, but that would be a different blog post :)

Most shrubs require low maintenance and can adapt well to different soil types and environmental conditions. This trait is perfect for gardeners with limited time or newbies with little experience. When established (and this is important to know), shrubs can handle some dryness which can save time and money. Of course, with plants we always have to be mindful of their individual requirements and the ever-changing weather conditions.

2. Year-Round Beauty

Shrubs are one of the few plants that offer year-round beauty. They can be used as a feature plant - like a showstopper or as foundation plantings such as a hedge. Either way they will provide structure and interest to your garden during every season. In spring, many shrubs bloom with beautiful flowers, while in summer, they offer lush foliage. In autumn, they turn gorgeous colours like red, orange, and yellow, and in winter, they can provide berries, evergreen foliage or interesting branch structures.

3. Holding It All Together

I was thinking of this point after I needed a solution for a friend with a sloped front yard. Shrubs have extensive roots, which makes them excellent for holding soil from erosion. This makes them perfect for sloping areas, retaining walls and other situations where erosion control is necessary. They can also improve soil quality through their root systems, which helps to reduce soil degradation and water damage.

4. Food and Shelter For Wildlife

Many shrubs attract wildlife. Some shrubs offer a rich source of nectar for bees and butterflies, while others provide food for birds. These plants can create a thriving ecosystem within your garden which is beneficial to both the plants and the wildlife. I love watching the birds having fun in my garden. We all benefit from sharing and this is a good way to do it!

5. Privacy Screen or Living Fence

Shrubs are a perfect choice for gardeners looking to create a private space in their garden. By planting shrubs as a hedge or border, you can shield your garden from prying eyes, wind, and noise. And it is much nicer than looking at a hard-scape fence. Of course, there are reasons for that too, but bringing as much life as possible into your garden is what we all need.

Some of my favourite shrubs are Hydrangeas, Hypericum and Philadelphus ‘Snowbelle' and, of course, Cornus ‘Little Rebel and Physocarpus ‘Dart’s Gold’.

Hydrangeas are gorgeous plants with interesting flowers. I use them as an accent in my garden, bind them in my floral arrangements and dry them to enjoy inside for a long time.

Check out H.’Zinfin Doll’ and H.’Tuff Stuff Ah-Ha’. Both very different but both oh so lovely. 

Hypericum is a plant I knew first as a cut flower in my flower shop. It is such a great filler for flower bouquets but, of course, it shines in your garden with it’s yellow flowers followed by small red berries … love it!

Philadelphus ‘Snowbelle’ is also known as Mock Orange and it took my breath away when I first experienced its sweet, citrus fragrance. The fact that it is white and I love all white flowers made it a ‘top of the list plant’ for me in seconds.

I often look for foliage plants so that I have something interesting to look at all season long but also can snip a branch or two for a vase. Both Cornus alba ‘Little Rebel’ and Physocarpus ‘Dart’s Gold’ do just that. 

So I would say, shrubs are really the perfect plant for any garden. They are easy to take care of, look beautiful all year round, help with erosion control, attract wildlife, and provide privacy and security. What else can you ask for? 

With so many options to choose from, you can find the perfect shrub to suit your garden style and create a beautiful, healthy garden that you can enjoy for years to come.

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