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It goes without saying that whatever other gardeners like to plant you most likely will enjoy as well.

These 'Top 40 Hits' are some of our most popular plants. We encourage you to choose a few for yourself. Tried and true, gardener-approved, they're guaranteed to please!

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AlliumFall 2023

Allium 'Purple Sensation'

One of our most popular alliums, 'Purple Sensation' sports a full ball of bright purple, star-shaped flowers. Alliums, or ornamental onions, are easy to grow bulbs that are increasing in...
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Large Flowering Crocus Mix
Crocus-Spring FloweringFall 2023

Large Flowering Crocus Mix

Our ever-popular mix of large flowering crocus brings a splash of early colour to the spring garden! Can't make up your mind? Try our Mixed Colours of Large Flowering Crocus....
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Snow Crocus Mix
Crocus-Spring FloweringFall 2023

Snow Crocus Mix

This fun and cheerful mix spreads quickly and naturalizes well in sunny locations. Plant in containers, borders or anywhere you want a multicoloured carpet of blooms. Crocus - the first...
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Double LateFall 2023

Angelique Double Late Tulip

Who can resist one of our most popular tulips? Angelique has fragrant fully double petals of soft pink and a paler pink edge. She's hard to resist! Her fragrance can...
Fall 2023Fritillaria

Fritillaria meleagris

The interesting checkerboard pattern on this purple pendulous flower makes it unique. Hardy once you get them started, they require free-draining soil to perform best. Native to the meadows of...
King Alfred Type Trumpet Daffodil King Alfred Type Trumpet Daffodil
Daffodils & NarcissiFall 2023

King Alfred Type Trumpet Daffodil

A classic tradition, these naturalizing yellow daffodils are fantastic as cut flowers or can be left alone to cover the garden. Traditions are a very good thing! These impressive, single...
AlliumFall 2023

Allium sphaerocephalon

The egg sized and shaped, claret coloured flower head actually starts out chartreuse green at the top of 24 inch stems. Planted en masse in a full sun border they...
ChionodoxaFall 2023

Chionodoxa forbesii

Sometimes called ‘Glory of the Snow’ because it blooms so early, this small star-shaped flower naturalizes well and will increase freely over the years. Chionodoxa's look best grouped together under...
Crocus-Spring FloweringFall 2023

Ruby Giant Snow Crocus

Ruby Giant puts on an impressive display of deep purple petals fading to lighter purple at the centre. It multiplies rapidly and blooms early. Fantastic! Crocus - the first sign...
Allium azureum
AlliumFall 2023

Allium azureum

This variety produces a tightly packed, Azure-blue ball of flowers. They are best planted in groups of 10 or more in containers, beds and borders. Alliums, or ornamental onions, are...
Fall 2023Single Early

Princess Irene Single Early Tulips

Not only is Princess Irene a knockout on her own with her fragrant, orange petals covered with purple flames but she's also one of the best tulips to combine with...
Allium 'Graceful Beauty'
AlliumFall 2023

Allium 'Graceful Beauty'

Producing lovely 3" balls of white blooms with lavender stamens and purple anthers, Graceful Beauty has a polka-dot appearance that is irresistible. Alliums, or ornamental onions, are easy to grow...
Fall 2023Mini Botanical

Dasystemon Tarda Mini Botanical Tulip

Dasystemon tarda is one of Pam's Faves this season. Here's what she has to say: These little beauties are like sunshine in flower form! Whenever I see them blooming in...
CuppedDaffodils & Narcissi

Poeticus Recurvus Cupped Narcissi

Extend your spring flowering season by planting these fabulously fragrant, late blooming variety. Its white petals sweep back to expose a tiny yellow cup rimmed in red. Plant in numbers...
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Puschkinia libanotica Puschkinia libanotica
Fall 2023Puschkinia

Puschkinia libanotica

Puschkinia libanotica sends up short stalks that bear as many as six, lushly petaled white blossoms with bluish veining. Commonly known as Striped Squill, these rock garden favourites are related...
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Fall 2023Parrot

Amazing Parrot Tulip

Yup, they're amazing all right! They offer such fantastic colour and unique shape…just imagine them fully open in the spring sunshine. Each bloom is truly unique and we think that...
Crocus-Fall FloweringFall 2023

Crocus sativus Fall Flowering Bulb

Crocus sativus, or Saffron Crocus, has bright purple petals with darker purple veins and saffron coloured pistils. They love sunshine, well-drained soil and a little protection from the elements. Looking...
ColchicumFall 2023

Colchicum 'Waterlily' Fall Flowering Bulb

'Waterlily' looks just like its namesake with lots of long, narrow lavender-pink petals; they are fairly large and bloom in early fall. Plant these lovely flowers any place you want...
Little Beauty Mini Botanical Tulip Little Beauty Mini Botanical Tulip
Fall 2023Mini Botanical

Little Beauty Mini Botanical Tulip

What a charmer! On a sunny day Little Beauty's reddish pink petals will open up to reveal a true-blue heart…quite the treat indeed! For those seeking a truly natural look...
Fall 2023Iris

Iris Spring Mix

This lovely mix of Dutch Irises is the perfect choice for some late spring colour. Not only will they naturalize and spread easily in your garden but they also make...
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