Spanish Bluebells

Planted in large bunches they have such impact.

Colours from lavender, blue, pink, and white these bluebells naturalize quickly and fill the mid to late spring garden with deer and rodent resistant colour.

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Fall 2024Sale Items - Fall

Spanish Bluebell Mix

If you're looking to fill in a patch of garden somewhere and want some easy to grow, early spring blooms, then this Spanish Bluebell Mix is the ticket! They grow...
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Fall 2024Spanish Bluebells

Spanish Bluebells 'Blue'

Spanish Bluebells are robust growers that love a 'woodsy' environment with well drained humus rich soil. They grow as spiky clusters of flowers that give off an appealing scent and...
Fall 2024Spanish Bluebells

Spanish Bluebells 'Pink'

Do you have a woodland garden or a shady spot that’s crying out for colour? Pink Spanish Bluebells are the easy & ideal solution! These spiky clusters of flowers give...
Creative CombinationsCupped

Poetry in Motion Creative Combination

Nothing says spring like daffodils and bluebells! This mix is a new take on a traditional look that will provide lots of fragrant, beautiful blooms. Considered the most dynamic of...