Drifts of this flower will signal spring is coming.

Chionodoxa are sometimes known as glory of the snow because they are one of the earliest bulbs to flower in spring. They are lovely flowers on shorter stems that benefit from being planted in bunches and allowed to naturalize in garden beds over the years.

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ChionodoxaFall 2024

Chionodoxa forbesii

Sometimes called ‘Glory of the Snow’ because it blooms so early, this small star-shaped flower naturalizes well and will increase freely over the years. Chionodoxa's look best grouped together under...
ChionodoxaFall 2024

Chionodoxa forbesii 'Pink Giant'

These soft pink flowers look lovely when mixed with Chionodoxa alba and forbesii in a drift along pathways and beds. Think pink! Commonly know as Glory-of-the-Snow, this species is one...
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Canadian Celebration SpecialsChionodoxa

Chionodoxa forbesii alba

These are very hardy snow-white flowers that will increase in numbers over the years. Plant them en masse in rock and woodland gardens or even in the lawn. Commonly know...
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AlliumBotanus Garden Collections-Fall

White Garden Collection

SAVE 43% This classic white collection brings style, beauty, calmness and that wow-effect to your garden. My favourite flowers in a garden are white and green. These colours let the...
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