Tulips are the most celebrated, planted and loved flower in the world and they continue to thrill new generations of gardeners.

Today, over nine billion flower bulbs are produced each year in Holland, and the tulip alone accounts for at least 3 billion of these. Enjoy our extensive selection of varieties...there is something here for every gardener and every garden.

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Single LateTulips

Menton Single Late Tulip

Menton looks like a summer sunrise, with shades of apricot, peach and rose. It will create a joy-filled, bright spot in your garden. Adored for their timeless beauty, Single Late...
Double LateTulips

Black Hero Double Late Tulip

Make a statement next spring with a bold display of deep maroon-coloured Black Hero tulips paired with shimmering white Mount Tacoma tulips…stunning! These fully double tulips have large, ruffled petals...

Prins Willem Alexander Triumph Tulip

Honouring the new King of the Netherlands, this tulip is a radiantly beautiful, brilliant orange. A perfect floral tribute to a newly reigning monarch. Triumph tulips constitute the largest classification...
Darwin HybridTulips

Salmon Van Eijk Darwin Hybrid Tulip

Lovely salmon-orange, with hints of deep pink, these tulips are sturdy-stemmed and stand out in the spring garden - great cut flower too! . The Van Eijk Series of tulips...
Creative CombinationsFosteriana

Rising Sun Creative Combination

Emperor Tulips are prized for their vivid colours and for the fact that they perennialize well – meaning they come back year after year when planted in well-drained, sunny locations....

The First Kaufmanniana Tulip

This tulip will certainly be one of 'the first' tulips to bloom in your garden next spring. Perky, colourful and large blooms. It's a winner for sure! These little tulips...
Darwin HybridTulips

Angel's Wish Darwin Hybrid Tulip

Lovely soft white petals touched with yellow: like the sun peeking through the clouds on a warm spring day! These hybrid tulips are the amazing result of cross breeding between...
Single EarlyTulips

Candy Prince Single Early Tulip

Candy Prince has a lovely, silvery sheen on its light purple petals. True to their name, these single flowered cultivars bloom in early spring. They have a very distinctive shape...

Moonblush Lily-flowered Tulip

Reflecting the colours of a harvest moon, Moonblush is striking, lovely and a must have for every tulip-lover! Lily-flowered tulips open up wide on sunny days and look like a...
Collector Series TulipsTulips

Yellow Wave Collector Series Tulip

You'll want to grow this one for the foliage alone. Broad yellow stripes on apple green leaves topped with bright yellow flowers. Simply super! These hybrid tulips are the amazing...
Creative CombinationsSingle Early

Three Princes Creative Combination

You won’t have to kiss a frog to get these ‘Prince Charmings’ growing in your garden! All you have to do is plant them this fall and await their arrival...
Fringed TulipsTulips

Miami Sunset Fringed Tulip

Prepare to be blown away by these amazing flowers. Reminiscent of a setting tropical sun, the blazing colours are simply spectacular. The distinctive fringed edges of these wonderful tulips resemble...
Darwin HybridTulips

Red Parade Darwin Hybrid Tulip

Make a bold statement in big, bright red flowers and know that these beauties will stand up to all the weather may have in store for them.  There are very...

Toronto Multiflowering Tulip

These tulips are a bouquet unto themselves. Not only do they have delightful rosy-red blooms but they've got some pretty fancy, purple spotted foliage too! Also known as Bouquet Tulips,...
Giant BeautyTulips

El Nino Giant Beauty Tulip

Golden yellow blooms covered with swirling bright salmon flames. These tulips are so bright you may have to put sunglasses on to look at them! Giant Beauties are hybrids of...
Double LateTulips

Sun Lover Double Late Tulip

This tulip is determined to light up your spring garden with its sunny blend of rich orange and yellow blooms. No two are alike. These fully double tulips have large,...

Tender Whisper Triumph Tulip

Tender Whisper looks like a lily-flowered tulip but is, in fact, a Triumph variety. The unusually shaped flowerheads add to its charm. This is also an extremely good cutting flower...
Bulk BulbsTriumph

Michael Triumph Tulip

These vibrant - knock your socks off - orange petals touched with yellow will literally light up your spring garden! Do you have a lot of ground to cover? Mass...
Single EarlyTulips

Ruby Prince Single Early Tulip

A real stunner, Ruby Prince over-delivers when it comes to strong red flowers. Super sturdy and Princely indeed! True to their name, these single flowered cultivars bloom in early spring....

Mango Charm Triumph Tulip

Chosen as our Fall 2023 catalogue cover photo! Just like a ripening Mango, this tulip will change colour from light green to peachy pink as it matures. Charming in every...