Tulips are the most celebrated, planted and loved flower in the world and they continue to thrill new generations of gardeners.

Today, over nine billion flower bulbs are produced each year in Holland, and the tulip alone accounts for at least 3 billion of these. Enjoy our extensive selection of varieties...there is something here for every gardener and every garden.

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Fall 2024Sale Items - Fall

Flaming Flag Triumph Tulip

Each bloom is unique and promises to deliver a one-of-a-kind effect of white petals infused with purple flames. Triumph tulips constitute the largest classification of tulips with more than 1400...
$20.75 $13.97
Fall 2024Sale Items - Fall

City of Vancouver Single Late Tulip

This beautiful tulip has lovely pale yellow flowers that change to creamy white as they age. Adored for their timeless beauty, Single Late Tulips can be found listed in catalogues...
$25.95 $17.97
Canadian Celebration SpecialsFall 2024

Canadian Liberator Triumph Tulip

In 1945, Canadian forces played an integral role in the liberation of Europe at the end of World War II. Canadian Liberator tulips were named in honour of all members...
$18.95 $15.97
Canadian Celebration SpecialsFall 2024

North Pole Fringed Tulip

Just as you'd expect, this elegant Fringed Tulip is as cool as an arctic landscape. The distinctive fringed edges of these wonderful tulips resemble frosty crystals on a winter's window....
$21.50 $18.97
Canadian Celebration SpecialsFall 2024

Oh Canada! Creative Combination

Show your pride and plant your Oh Canada Collection in a prominent spot in the garden for everyone to enjoy! This patriotic collection of bulbs contains 16 glowingly red and...
$27.50 $19.97
Creative CombinationsFall 2024

Pride Parade Triumph Tulip Mix

Spring is on display and showing off its bright colours with this amazing collection. Bright, beautiful and bodacious. These tulips are of medium-tall height on strong sturdy stems...ready to parade...
$28.50 $19.97
Botanus Garden Collections-FallCrocus-Spring Flowering

Spring Jump Start Collection

Imagine your spring garden bursting forth in full floral colour and fragrance! Whether in containers or in your flower bed you’ll be creating a spectacular, head-turning spring flowering garden with...
$140.00 $79.97
Fall 2024Fosteriana

Love Valley Fosteriana Tulip

Love Valley is a brand new Fosteriana Tulip. The double blooms are a bold red colour infused with green flames that will standout in every garden. They make excellent cut...
Fall 2024Greigii

Portland Greigii Tulip

This Greigii tulip is a gorgeous blend of shades of red, emerging from a bluish purple base, and the leaves are a colourful mix of green and purple. When planted...
Fall 2024Greigii

Serano Greigii Tulip

Serano's blooms look like cream coloured candles with flames of pink and gold climbing up the centre of every petal. In sunny sites, with well-draining soil, these tulips can naturalize...
Fall 2024Single Early

Sunrise Prince Single Early Tulip

Sunrise Prince is a deliciously, bright orange tulip that will remind you of orange popsicles. Plant them in a little 'bouquet' bunch and you will see them immediately when they...
Double EarlyFall 2024

Red Foxtrot Double Early Tulip

Introducing the stunning Red Foxtrot tulip - a vibrant double red beauty! This tulip is a close relative of the popular Foxtrot and Foxy Foxtrot varieties. This tulip has one...
Fall 2024Triumph

Apricona Triumph Tulip

Apricona's large blooms are a delightful combination of pinks that look like stained glass panels when the sun is shining. Pink tones with hints of lavender, maturing into softer pinks and...
Darwin HybridFall 2024

Jaap Groot Darwin Hybrid Tulip

Jaap Groot is remarkable with its verying shades of melon and butter yellows, combined with ivory edging on each feathered petal. The white trimmed leaves are an added treat! These...
Darwin HybridFall 2024

Olympic Flame Hybrid Tulip

Olympic Flame is an oustanding Darwin Hybrid Tulip. Every bright golden petal is brushed liberally with strokes of flaming red. These huge blooms are a welcome bright spot in your...
Fall 2024Fringed Tulips

Brisbane Fringed Tulip

This stunning double-flowered variety showcases boldly fringed petals in rich hues. The blooms, perched atop sturdy stems, boast a delightful combination of dark pink-red and peachy orange, reminiscent of a...
Fall 2024Fringed Tulips

Pacific Pearl Fringed Tulip

Pacific Pearl is a gorgeous deep shade of red with very distinct fringed edging. Amazing as a cut flower as well as a partner planted next to the North Pole...
Fall 2024Parrot

Apricot Parrot Tulip

Behold the stunning beauty of the Apricot Parrot tulips! The incredible colouring and light, delicate fragrance of the Apricot Parrot make it the perfect choice for fresh-cut arrangements, bringing a...
Fall 2024Parrot

Texas Flame Parrot Tulip

Texas Flame is a bold mix of creamy yellow with fiery red flames bursting  from the stem and marking every petal in a unique way. Long lasting blooms make them...
Collector Series TulipsFall 2024

Red Dress Collector Series Tulip

Red Dress is a ravishing, velvety red 'Coronet' type Tulip with unique crown-shaped blooms.    This is a new classification tulip and the petals and leaves are thick and sturdy....