Tulips are the most celebrated, planted and loved flower in the world and they continue to thrill new generations of gardeners.

Today, over nine billion flower bulbs are produced each year in Holland, and the tulip alone accounts for at least 3 billion of these. Enjoy our extensive selection of varieties...there is something here for every gardener and every garden.

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Darwin HybridTulips

Daydream Darwin Hybrid Tulip

This flower starts out a soft yellow shade and then changes as it matures to striking shades of apricot and orange. Big, long lasting blooms - great for cutting! These...

Suncatcher Triumph Tulip

Light up your garden bed with these blazingly beautiful tulips. The artful combination of fiery orange and sunny yellow is spectacular! Triumph tulips constitute the largest classification of tulips with...
Collector Series TulipsTulips

Blue Wow Collector Series Tulip

These tulips are filled with layers of mauve petals: mauve and marvelous! These fully double tulips have large, ruffled petals that resemble peonies, in fact, they are sometimes referred to...
Single EarlyTulips

Pretty Princess Single Early Tulip

Pretty indeed! This many shades of pink version of Princess Irene promises to stand out in the early spring garden. Long lasting blooms on strong stems! True to their name,...

Amazing Parrot Tulip

Yup, they're amazing all right! They offer such fantastic colour and unique shape…just imagine them fully open in the spring sunshine. Each bloom is truly unique and we think that...
Creative CombinationsDouble Early

Dreamboat Annie Creative Combination

This romantic combination of early and late double blooming tulips is simply dreamy. When we  say double we really mean it! In fact, these beautiful tulips have twice the amount...
Mini BotanicalTulips

Peppermint Stick Mini Botanical Tulip

This cute little tulip is just as sweet as candy. Its striking red outer petals mix with white inner petals to make it look like an edible treat. Plant them...

Tres Chic Lily-flowered Tulip

This lovely tulip is a brilliant silvery white colour. Mix it with any of the Double Late tulips for a striking effect in your favourite, sunny, well drained spot. Lily-flowered...
Giant BeautyTulips

Blushing Lady Giant Beauty Tulip

Large blush-pink blooms edged in yellow on top of tall sturdy stems that bloom late in spring. Lovely when planted in drifts with Big Brother. Giant Beauties are hybrids of...
Mini BotanicalTulips

Praestans unicum Mini Botanical Tulip

Praestans unicum is a real standout because it is one of the few multiflowering Mini Botanical tulips meaning you get more than one bloom per stem. It also features very...
Darwin HybridTulips

Pink Impression Darwin Hybrid Tulip

This is one of our best selling tulips. It's hard to beat its perfect pink colour on strong stems! There are very good reasons why the Impression Series Tulips are...

Slawa Triumph Tulip

Talk about a standout in the spring garden! Slawa tulips will be turning a few heads with their vibrant colour and elegant form. Triumph tulips constitute the largest classification of...
Bulk BulbsTriumph

Rainbow Tulip Mix

Add a splash of vibrant colour to your spring garden or indoor bouquet with this colourful mix of tulips! These beautifully bright tulips will perk up any corner of your...
Double EarlyTulips

Abba Double Early Tulip

Abba is one of the most popular double red tulips available. Their sturdy stems make them ideal for cut flowers and they offer a nice, light fragrance too! When they...
Double LateTulips

Mount Tacoma Double Late Tulip

Mount Tacoma is a lovely double, white petaled flower that pairs extremely well with any darker shade of tulip or simply as a beauty all on its own. These fully...

Black Parrot Tulip

Black Parrot is one of the darkest purple flowers available with jagged, feathered edges it looks fabulous in cut flower arrangements.  Each bloom is truly unique and we think that...

Flaming Purissima Fosteriana Tulip

You get a little bit of everything with this gorgeously coloured tulip: creamy white petals with hints of yellow glowing to pink at the tips. Supremely stunning! Of all the...

Quebec Mulitflowering Tulip

Quebec is a fireworks explosion of spectacular colour! Watch as  the rosy red blooms with creamy yellow edges mature to red and white. Also known as Bouquet Tulips, these late...
Mini BotanicalTulips

Little Princess Mini Botanical Tulip

Plant these eye catching multicoloured tulips on their own in large clumps. You will not want to miss the moment when they open up to reveal their tangerine orange coloured...

Secret Parrot Tulip

The 'secret' about Secret Parrot is the fact that it is a fully double, Parrot hybrid which means petal upon petal of ruffled gorgeousness! Each bloom is truly unique and...