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This tulip will certainly be one of 'the first' tulips to bloom in your garden next spring. Perky, colourful and large blooms. It's a winner for sure!

These little tulips growing in the wild in Turkistan were given the name T. kaufmanniana. They were introduced to Europe in 1877 by the Dutch firm of Van Tubergen. Gorgeous cultivars have been developed from this species over the years and this breeding has resulted in larger flowers, noted for their brightly contrasting colours. During the sunny hours of the day, the flowers open wide and provide an entirely different colour effect than when closed. The flower shape also changes dramatically; when open, they resemble a shining star.

Kaufmanniana tulips have also been called the ‘water-lily tulip’ because in full bloom the flowers open out horizontally, giving this tulip the appearance of a water-lily. Kaufmanniana are simply delightful tulips that make an excellent addition to any rock garden, container and border. Some even have interesting, mottled foliage that adds to their appeal and all naturalize easily in the garden. Plant in large drifts for maximum effect!

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