Tulips are the most celebrated, planted and loved flower in the world and they continue to thrill new generations of gardeners.

Today, over nine billion flower bulbs are produced each year in Holland, and the tulip alone accounts for at least 3 billion of these. Enjoy our extensive selection of varieties...there is something here for every gardener and every garden.

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Queen Rania Lily-flowered Tulip

This exquisite lily-flowered tulip showcases vibrant deep pink petals that are sure to catch the eye. When basked in the warmth of the sun, this flower will gracefully unfurl to...
Canadian Celebration SpecialsParrot

Estella Rynveld Parrot Tulip

A crazy beautiful combination of red and white, Estella Rynveld offers classic tulip colours with an unconventional, show-stopping flower!                Each bloom is truly unique and we think that these...
$23.50 $19.97

Mysterious Parrot Tulip

This gorgeous tulip has grape-purple blooms. They're ruffled and curled and simply spectacular to look at. Each bloom is truly unique and we think that these showstopper tulips deserve to...

Silver Parrot Tulip

Silver Parrot has large flowers that are ruffled and fringed, resembling feathers. Its stunning pink flowers, delicate silvery-white edges, and variegated foliage make it a true gem in the plant...
Collector Series TulipsTulips

Ice Cream Banana Collector Series Tulip

Another Ice Cream flavour has come to the garden. This late spring tulip boasts green and strawberry red edged petals with a good dollop of sunny yellow petals at the...
Bulk BulbsTriumph

Pink Mistress Triumph Tulip

Considered one of the best pink tulips - Pink Mistress has soft pink blooms edged with white - very feminine and absolutely lovely! Do you have a lot of ground...
Creative CombinationsSingle Late

Blueberry Sundae Creative Combination

Blueberry Sundae is a delightful combination of tulips that looks almost good enough to eat. This stunning arrangement features a mix of purple and white single late tulips that are...
Creative CombinationsSingle Early

Crown Jewels Creative Combination

Ruby red jewel tones mix with soft, velvety pink hues to create a truly royal display of tulips. This regal collection contains both single flowered and triumph cultivars that bloom...
$26.97 $19.97
Creative CombinationsTriumph

Dynasty Duo Creative Combination

Dynasty Duo is a captivating blend of Triumph tulips that boasts a stunning colour combination of orange and pink, which is currently in vogue. These tulips are not only visually...
Creative CombinationsLily-flowered

On Point Creative Combination

What a stunning and dynamic colour combination these lily-flowered tulips possess! They are truly a sight to behold and are sure to steal the show. When the sun shines down...
Creative CombinationsDaffodils & Narcissi

Tropical Getaway Creative Combination

Reflect the warmer days of Spring in your garden with this tropical-looking collection of Double Narcissi and Fosteriana Tulips. These early bloomers will help to heat things up in the...