Daffodils & Narcissi

Why grow Daffodils & Narcissi? The question is perhaps, why not?

These beautiful bulbs have it all: colour, fragrance, long blooming time, perennializing, great cut flower, easy to grow and low maintenance. Perfect in the garden, perfect in pots they're the perfect way to greet the spring.

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Botanus Garden Collections-FallChionodoxa

Deer Resistant Collection

SAVE 42% Deer oh Deer! We all love to look at deer, from a distance, but we don’t want them eating the beautiful flowers we have painstakingly planted in our...
$49.95 $29.97
Daffodils & NarcissiIndoor

Grand Soleil D'or Indoor Narcissi

If it's the winter blues you've got, then Grand Soleil D'or will fill your days with golden sunshine! Multiple, fragrant blooms with light orange cups centred on yellow petals. As...
Daffodils & NarcissiNovelty Narcissi

Cum Laude Novelty Narcissi

A super showy narcissus with golden-peachy centre petals contrasted by a supporting layer of pure white petals. Our selection of Novelty Narcissi contains extra special varieties that both the flower...
Botanus Garden Collections-FallBotanus Garden Collections-Spring

Bradner Daffodil Collection

You will receive 35 top quality, top size daffodils at a savings of 40%. Quantities are LIMITED! Located in the heart of the Fraser Valley, Bradner BC has become famous...
$49.95 $29.97
AlliumBotanus Garden Collections-Fall

White Garden Collection

SAVE 42% This classic white collection brings style and beauty, calmness and wow-effect to your garden. My favourite flowers in a garden are white and green. These colours let the...
$49.95 $29.97
Daffodils & NarcissiNovelty Narcissi

Congress Novelty Narcissi

Vivid colour! Congress is the type of stunning flower that you simply cannot take your eyes off. Makes a wonderful, unique cut flower. Our selection of Novelty Narcissi contains extra...
CuppedDaffodils & Narcissi

Loveday Cupped Narcissi

This is a lovely two-toned narcissus that's perky and perfect in every way. Considered the most dynamic of Narcissi, these flowers blossom one per stem and have beautifully ruffled coronas...
Creative CombinationsCupped

Peek a Boo Creative Combination

This is a perky, early spring blooming combination of Cupped and Poetaz Narcissi. Orange-coloured cups are featured in both varieties and both exude 'Spring' in the best possible way. These...
Daffodils & NarcissiNovelty Narcissi

Papillon Blanc Novelty Narcissi

When translated, this flower's name is White Butterfly. We think that's perfect! These shimmering white petals will flutter and float on the spring breeze. Our selection of Novelty Narcissi contains...
Daffodils & NarcissiNovelty Narcissi

Gold Disc Novelty Narcissi

A little shorter than standard narcissi but well worth it for their amazing shape and sweet scent. Our selection of Novelty Narcissi contains extra special varieties that both the flower...
CuppedDaffodils & Narcissi

Flower Record Cupped Narcissi

Like the cresting waves crashing on the shores of Falmouth Bay in Cornwall, England, these pristine white Narcissi create a classic look in the garden. Great cut flower. Considered the...
CuppedDaffodils & Narcissi

Lemon Shake Cupped Narcissi

This beautiful narcissus has the same colouring as freshly squeezed lemonade with a dash of lemon zest. Yummy!  Considered the most dynamic of Narcissi, these flowers blossom one per stem...
CuppedDaffodils & Narcissi

Chromacolor Cupped Narcissi

These large-cupped Narcissi are a real knock out! The bright orange cup contrasts beautifully with the white petals. These lovely flower bulbs come directly from J.S. Pennings de Bilt: a...
Daffodils & NarcissiMini

Yellow Ocean Mini Narcissi

Create an ocean of yellow colour with these delightful, multi-flowering narcissi. Their nodding heads are heavy with blooms and give off the most alluring fragrance. The tiniest of Narcissi available,...
Creative CombinationsDaffodils & Narcissi

Tropical Getaway Creative Combination

Reflect the warmer days of Spring in your garden with this tropical-looking collection of Double Narcissi and Fosteriana Tulips. These early bloomers will help to heat things up in the...
CuppedDaffodils & Narcissi

Coral Crown Cupped Narcissi

The 'coral crown' can be found at the centre of each of these sunny yellow blooms. Considered the most dynamic of Narcissi, these flowers blossom one per stem and have...
Creative CombinationsCupped

Poetry in Motion Creative Combination

Nothing says spring like daffodils and bluebells! This mix is a new take on a traditional look that will provide lots of fragrant, beautiful blooms. Considered the most dynamic of...