Daffodils & Narcissi

Why grow Daffodils & Narcissi? The question is perhaps, why not?

These beautiful bulbs have it all: colour, fragrance, long blooming time, perennializing, great cut flower, easy to grow and low maintenance. Perfect in the garden, perfect in pots they're the perfect way to greet the spring.

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Daffodils & NarcissiTrumpet Daffodils

Gigantic Star Trumpet Daffodil

Gigantic Star is one gigantic yellow daffodil, alright! It bears an extra large yellow trumpet with sunny yellow petals and long-lasting blooms. These impressive, single stemmed flowers have trumpets that...
Daffodils & NarcissiRock Garden

Sailboat Rock Garden Narcissi

Like little sails billowing in the wind, these lovable narcissi also boast a wonderful fragrance. We suggest planting up a big container full and placing them close to the house...
Daffodils & NarcissiDouble Narcissi

White Lion Double Narcissi

White Lion’s long lasting, creamy white double petals and split yellow-white cups make them striking cut flowers. Double Narcissi give you twice the pleasure! Varieties of this sort offer double...
CuppedDaffodils & Narcissi

Barrett Browning Cupped Narcissi

These Narcissi have lovely wide white petals and fiery orange frilled cups. In well drained locations you will enjoy these for years. Considered the most dynamic of Narcissi, these flowers...
Daffodils & NarcissiMini

Baby Moon Mini Narcissi

With 2 to 3 delightfully fragrant flowers per stem this flower is sure to please. Add the rounded golden petals and tiny yellow cup and you will want to plant...
CuppedDaffodils & Narcissi

Ice Follies Cupped Narcissi

Ice Follies is a treat with lovely pure white petals and a large, ruffled cup that blooms creamy yellow and then matures to white. Considered the most dynamic of Narcissi,...
Daffodils & NarcissiMini

Golden Bells Mini Narcissi

Very hardy with plenty of blooms per bulb, each one bearing an oversized golden cup set in star shaped petals. Plant them in groups and create carpets of yellow blooms....
Daffodils & NarcissiIndoor

Paperwhite Ziva Indoor Narcissi

A traditional favourite, Paperwhite Ziva has multiple blooms of delicate white and a strong musky scent. As the variety name suggests, these Narcissi are excellent for indoor forcing. Producing four...
Bulk BulbsDaffodils & Narcissi

Thalia Rock Garden Narcissi

Thalia is a beautiful, frosty white multi-flowering, very fragrant Narcissi. Plant in drifts in well drained soil and enjoy them for years to come. Rock Garden Narcissi are somewhat shorter...
Daffodils & NarcissiDwarf

Tete Bouclé Dwarf Narcissi

This adorable dwarf, double variety is a sport of Tete a Tete and put on an amazing display! Growing to a height of 6-8" these little beauties have bright, yellow...
Daffodils & NarcissiIndoor

Paperwhite Inbal Indoor Narcissi

Do you love Paperwhites but find the fragrance a bit too overwhelming? Then choose this new hybrid, Inbal: it has a much lighter scent indeed! It does prefer to be...
Daffodils & NarcissiNovelty Narcissi

Wave Novelty Narcissi

Wave will knock you off your feet! Its trumpet is chock a block full of yellow and white petals - wave after wave - frilled and fancifu!l The bountiful trumpet...
Daffodils & NarcissiDouble Narcissi

Golden Ducat Double Narcissi

This variety is very impressive with its beautifully textured, fully double golden yellow flowers. Golden Ducat makes an excellent cut flower as the blooms last up to 4 weeks. Double...
Daffodils & NarcissiIndoor

Paperwhite Erlicheer Indoor Narcissi

These bunches of double, creamy white blooms highlighted with bright yellow centres will bring some indoor cheer to any room! As the variety name suggests, these Narcissi are excellent for...
Daffodils & NarcissiRock Garden

Iwona Rock Garden Narcissi

These award-winning narcissus are perfect in every way. The white petals are the ideal backdrop for the orange-pink, ruffled cup. Deliciously fragrant too! Rock Garden Narcissi are somewhat shorter in...
Daffodils & NarcissiRock Garden

February Gold Rock Garden Narcissi

Easy to naturalize and cute as a button - we recommend planting a lot of these around in your garden - you'll be rewarded with years of blooms! Rock Garden...
Daffodils & NarcissiIndoor

Chinese Sacred Lily Indoor Narcissi

Chinese Sacred Lily offers a sweetly spicy scent - like that of spiced oranges - yum! As the variety name suggests, these Narcissi are excellent for indoor forcing. Producing four...
CuppedDaffodils & Narcissi

Falmouth Bay Cupped Narcissi

Like the cresting waves crashing on the shores of Falmouth Bay in Cornwall, England, these pristine white Narcissi create a classic look in the garden. Great cut flower. Considered the...
CuppedDaffodils & Narcissi

Rynveld Early Sensation Cupped Narcissi

Mark the beginning of spring with Rynveld Early Sensation - the earliest narcissus to bloom! Considered the most dynamic of Narcissi, these flowers blossom one per stem and have beautifully...
Creative CombinationsDaffodils & Narcissi

Lemon Meringue Creative Combination

Think lemon curd and sweet meringue topping. This mouthwatering collection of Flaming Agrass Tulips and Prom Dance Narcissi is sweeeeet! The tangy colour combo of yellow and white just shout...