Daffodils & Narcissi

Why grow Daffodils & Narcissi? The question is perhaps, why not?

These beautiful bulbs have it all: colour, fragrance, long blooming time, perennializing, great cut flower, easy to grow and low maintenance. Perfect in the garden, perfect in pots they're the perfect way to greet the spring.

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CuppedDaffodils & Narcissi

Fragrant Narcissi Mix

The Fragrant Narcissi Mix is a spring bouquet lovers dream - not only because the wide array of colours and shapes is beautiful to look at but their fragrance is...
$70.95 $39.97
Daffodils & NarcissiFall 2024

King Alfred Type Trumpet Daffodil

A classic tradition, these naturalizing yellow daffodils are fantastic as cut flowers or can be left alone to cover the garden. Traditions are a very good thing! These impressive, single...
Daffodils & NarcissiDouble Narcissi

Twice as Nice Double Narcissi Mix

Twice as Nice is an irresistible combination of lusciously large, fully double Narcissi! Double Narcissi are unusual yet breathtaking in their intricate design. Take a close look and you'll be...
$33.50 $24.97
Daffodils & NarcissiDwarf

Tete a Tete Dwarf Narcissi

One of the earliest bloomers, Tete a Tete is as bright as the sun and just as welcome. Plant en masse in any spot where you need a punch of...
$24.75 $16.97
CuppedDaffodils & Narcissi

Poeticus Recurvus Cupped Narcissi

Poeticus Recurvus is one of Elke's Faves this season...here's why: This dazzling springtime charmer has creamy-white petals and a golden-yellow cup edged with a red rim. Its delicate fragrance fills...
Canadian Celebration SpecialsDaffodils & Narcissi

Arctic Bells Mini Narcissi

These sweet and unusual blooms look like glistening white bells, surrounded by slender petals in a star formation. Plant them together in a little group for maximum effect. The tiniest...
$15.75 $12.97
Daffodils & NarcissiFall 2024

Delnashaugh Novelty Narcissi

This fully double variety is a real collectible with its snowy white and apricot-pink petals. Plant with bunches of Allium ostrowskianum, wow! Our selection of Novelty Narcissi contains extra special...
Daffodils & NarcissiFall 2024

Bridal Crown Poetaz Narcissi

With every stem giving you several very fragrant blooms, you will want to plant this fully double, bright white and lemon coloured beauty in containers and close to the house....
Daffodils & NarcissiFall 2024

Yellow Cheerfulness Poetaz Narcissi

Planted in a sunny well-drained location this variety will naturalize well. With 2-3 fragrant flowers per stem it’s really quite impressive...perfect for your spring bouquets. These cultivars are timeless treasures....
Daffodils & NarcissiFall 2024

Geranium Poetaz Narcissi

Wide snow white petals hold a small, bright orange cup; the contrast is striking and the fragrance fantastic. Plant as many of these multi-flowering beauties as you can fit in....
Daffodils & NarcissiFall 2024

Minnow Mini Narcissi

Minnow produces up to 5 tiny, fragrant, creamy white and yellow flowers per stem and will naturalize more easily in full sun. They look lovely in large bunches in containers....
Daffodils & NarcissiFall 2024

Dutch Master Trumpet Daffodil

An excellent cut flower this sturdy, classic, bright yellow daffodil looks amazing anywhere you want it to return again and again! Good drainage is a must. These impressive, single stemmed...
Daffodils & NarcissiDwarf

Jetfire Dwarf Narcissi

Jetfire has bright yellow recurved petals with orange cups and they look excellent planted with bunches of Iris reticulata 'Symphony' at the front of any bed and in containers. These...
Daffodils & NarcissiFall 2024

Mount Hood Trumpet Daffodil

This lovely daffodil matures to pure white and with good drainage will naturalize easily in your garden. Try planting with Lady Killer crocus, it’s a great pairing! These impressive, single...
Creative CombinationsDaffodils & Narcissi

All Set For Spring Creative Combination

Like a little mini spring garden, this fantastic collection has everything you need to greet the spring with colour and fragrance. The All Set For Spring Creative Combination contains Passionale...
Daffodils & NarcissiDouble Narcissi

Tahiti Double Narcissi

A fascinating favourite that mixes tropical yellows and oranges and produces very large flowers. Because of the bloom size consider planting it in a more sheltered location. Double Narcissi give...
Daffodils & NarcissiFall 2024

Canaliculatus Mini Narcissi

These adorable white petal and tiny yellow cup Narcissus is fragrant and produces 4-7 flowers per stem. Plant bunches of this tiny powerhouse in containers or at the front of...
Daffodils & NarcissiFall 2024

Angel's Flute Trumpet Daffodil

Angel's Flute is super pretty with nice strong stems - perfect for cutting and creating your own bouquets. These impressive, single stemmed flowers have trumpets that are as long as,...
Daffodils & NarcissiFall 2024

Falconet Rock Garden Narcissi

This award-winning variety has fragrant, multi-flowering blooms that are simply splendid. Each stem offers up to eight, perfectly formed bright yellow blooms with tangerine-coloured trumpets. One stem is a little...
Daffodils & NarcissiFall 2024

Golden Echo Rock Garden Narcissi

Golden Echo Rock Garden Narcissi are one of Pam's Faves this season...here's why: There's just something about these Narcissi that catches my eye each time I look at them. The...