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Golden Echo Rock Garden Narcissi are one of Pam's Faves this season...here's why:

There's just something about these Narcissi that catches my eye each time I look at them. The spring-like colour combination of bright yellow and white is fantastic. But have a closer look and you'll see how beautifully the yellow blends into the petals from the  cup...stunning!            

Pamela Dangelmaier

So very pretty, Golden Echo has white petals, a yellow trumpet with an 'echoing' of yellow at the base of every flower.

Rock Garden Narcissi are somewhat shorter in stature and because of this they do extremely well in beds, borders and, of course, rock gardens. Don't forget containers too - their height is perfect for creating beautiful 'mini-gardens' in pots and tubs. All varieties are good naturalizers and will provide you with years of pleasure!

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