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No need to fuss with these foolproof performers - reliability is their middle name. This multi-variety perennial collection will steal the show this summer and for many seasons to come. Easy to plant, easy to grow and easy to maintain they’re the ‘easy gardeners’ solution to having a beautiful display.  Simply put - they’re Easy Peasy!

The Easy Peasy Perennial Collection includes:

2 Dicentra spectabilis (Bare Roots)

A heritage favourite and a perennial staple in any garden. Commonly known as Bleeding Hearts this shade-loving bloomer is so easy to grow and the flowers are heart-shaped perfection.

2 Phlox paniculata 'David' (Bare Roots)

You’ll have no lack of fragrant blooms with this super-popular perennial plant. ‘David’ produces large, fragrant clusters of blooms that start in midsummer and carry on blooming well into the autumn. You’ll love the fragrant flowers and so will bees and butterflies.

1 Hemerocallis 'Moonlit Masquerade'
(Bare Root)

Every garden needs a daylily because they’re like flower factories. Not only will you be getting lots and lots of blooms but this perennial is top of the class when it comes to easy care!

2 Hosta 'Frances Williams' (Bare Roots)

Hostas are so rewarding to grow and need very little attention to produce their spectacular foliage. You’ll also be treated to some delightful lilac-white blooms in mid summer. Choose a nice shady spot and your ‘Frances Williams’ will thrive for years!

1 Aster dumosus 'Wood's Blue' (2.5" plug)

Stretch out your gardening season well into the autumn with this perky coloured Aster. The bees will flock to it and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the colourful display of daisy-like flowers.

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