Unusual Bulbs

Our selection of Unusuals offer an amazing array of bulbs that are often difficult to find, but certainly not difficult to grow and enjoy.

This assortment is widely varied so be adventurous and try something different this year.

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AnemoneUnusual Bulbs-Fall

Anemone 'Rainbow Blueberry'

Super pretty blooms! 'Rainbow Blueberry' pairs beautifully with 'Blue Poppy' anemones or plant them on their own for a marvelous display. Anemone coronaria do wonderfully grouped along borders where you...
MuscariUnusual Bulbs-Fall

Muscari 'Big Smile'

With three to four stems per bulb, extra-elongated blooms that seem to last forever and are big on fragrance -'Big Smile' has it all! Commonly known as Grape Hyacinth, Muscari...
IrisUnusual Bulbs-Fall

Iris reticulata 'Harmony'

These purple and yellow blooms look great in any well-drained location with full sun to part shade positions. Planted with bunches of Tete a Tete Narcissi they create quite a...
AnemoneUnusual Bulbs-Fall

Anemone Carmel Pastel Mix

The extra long stems of these beautiful anemones make them perfect for your cut flower bouquets…and the colours, oh my! Grow them in containers and fronts of garden beds where...
Ranunculus - FallUnusual Bulbs-Fall

Ranunculus 'Amandine White'

These elegant flowers look like fluffy, white blooms of satiny crepe paper. So pretty. So classic! Ranunculus have vivid double blooms and make an excellent bedding or container plant. Ranunculus,...
AlliumUnusual Bulbs-Fall

Allium 'Summer Drummer'

Such a winner! Summer Drummer has interesting purple stems that grow to 4-6' in height and are topped with very large, 8" balls of purple and white florets! Alliums, or...
Gladiolous - FallUnusual Bulbs-Fall

Gladiolus byzantinus

Sometimes called ‘Sword Lily’ this Glad is hardier than the summer variety and will do well in zones 6-8. They love great drainage and plenty of sun in a sheltered...
MuscariUnusual Bulbs-Fall

Muscari neglectum

Neglectum has super dark blue flowers with tiny white rims that really standout when planted in drifts with Muscari 'White Magic' - perfect for beds and borders. Commonly know as...
IrisUnusual Bulbs-Fall

Iris reticulata 'Alida'

Alida offers shades of blue that will have you leaning in closer for a better look. Short, sweet and they multiply well. Belonging to the Reticulata group of irises, danfordiae...
EremurusUnusual Bulbs-Fall

Eremurus Yellow

This stunning, bright yellow ‘Foxtail Lily’ will grow well for you when planted in very well drained soil in a sunny location. Commonly know as Foxtail Lilies, these are especially...
AlliumUnusual Bulbs-Fall

Allium 'Rosy Dream'

Adorable 3"/7 cm soft pink blooms are like a bee magnet. Plant them where you can watch all the action! Alliums, or ornamental onions, are easy to grow bulbs that...
AlliumBotanus Garden Collections-Fall

Amazing Allium Collection

SAVE 42% You can never go wrong with Alliums. In fact, they're one of our most popular flower bulb varieties, rivaling even the tulips and daffodils for favour. I love...
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Canadian Celebration SpecialsChionodoxa

Chionodoxa forbesii alba

These are very hardy snow-white flowers that will increase in numbers over the years. Plant them en masse in rock and woodland gardens or even in the lawn. Commonly know...
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Spanish BluebellsUnusual Bulbs-Fall

Spanish Bluebells 'Blue'

Spanish Bluebells are robust growers that love a 'woodsy' environment with well drained humus rich soil. They grow as spiky clusters of flowers that give off an appealing scent and...
IrisUnusual Bulbs-Fall

Iris 'Eye of the Tiger'

The colouring of these flowers is wonderful: they almost glow in the garden. Excellent naturalizers and are great, long lasting cut flowers. This variety of Iris, known commonly as Dutch...
IrisUnusual Bulbs-Fall

Iris reticulata 'J.S. Dijt'

Deep purple with yellow accents, fragrant and low to the ground, J.S. Dijt is a wonderful choice for containers and rock gardens. Plant them with Rip Van Winkle Narcissi for...
OxalisUnusual Bulbs-Fall

Oxalis adenophylla

Though tolerant to partial shade it blooms best in a south facing full sun position in fast draining soil. Oxalis is excellent in rock gardens and containers. Growing in neat...
FritillariaUnusual Bulbs-Fall

Fritillaria imperialis 'Rubra'

Rubra loves rich well-drained soil in a sunny location. It repels deer, squirrels and rabbits and produces a tall crown of foliage with eye catching orangey-red flowers. These plants also...
IpheionUnusual Bulbs-Fall

Ipheion uniflorum 'White Star'

A beautiful and long lasting white flower that is star-like in shape, sweetly fragrant and naturalizes easily. Plant in groups along walkways, in white gardens or in containers. Found in...
LeucojumUnusual Bulbs-Fall

Leucojum aestivum

Commonly called Summer Snowflake, these beautiful flowers naturalize well even in damper soils making them a great choice next to ponds and streams. At 12 inches tall with 3 or...