Double Early Tulips

These large, double flowered, peony-like blossoms provide a spectacular blanket of colour.

They look best in the front of perennial borders and make gorgeous bouquets! Double Early tulips are also an excellent choice for container gardening.

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Double EarlyTulips

Abba Double Early Tulip

Abba is one of the most popular double red tulips available. Their sturdy stems make them ideal for cut flowers and they offer a nice, light fragrance too! When they...
Double EarlyTulips

Alison Bradley Double Early Tulip

This beauty boasts stunning double, deep wine-purple flowers. 'Alison Bradley' provides weeks of vibrant colour in the garden and a lengthy vase life if cut for indoor arrangements. When they...
Double EarlyTulips

Amazing Grace Double Early Tulip

These super double tulips are amazing indeed! Pink petal upon petal are packed into each and every flowerhead so that they look like fluffy clouds of cotton candy. When they...
Double EarlyTulips

Aveyron Double Early Tulip

A real stunner, Aveyron is overflowing with deep rose-pink petals, layer upon layer. When they say double they mean it! In fact, these beautiful tulips have twice the amount of...
Double EarlyTulips

Copper Image Double Early Tulip

'Copper Image' is a must have tulip for those gardeners who love the unusual, love warm colours and love cut flowers. This gorgeous, relatively new introduction promises to create the...
Creative CombinationsDouble Early

Dreamboat Annie Creative Combination

This romantic combination of early and late double blooming tulips is simply dreamy. When we  say double we really mean it! In fact, these beautiful tulips have twice the amount...
Double EarlyTulips

Foxy Foxtrot Double Early Tulip

The name of this beautiful tulip comes from a 1970's Dutch pop song. Just like that jazzy tune, these tulips will have you dancin' in the garden! When they say...
Double EarlyTulips

Monte Orange Double Early Tulip

Bursting with melon-coloured petals and an enticing fragrance, Monte Orange definitely is on the 'must have' list this season! When they say double they mean it! In fact, these beautiful...
Double EarlyTulips

Secret Perfume Double EarlyTulip

If you purchase only one tulip variety this fall then let it be Secret Perfume. The long-lasting flowerheads of this very special hybrid will blow you away and their candy-sweet...