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Foxy Foxtrot is one of Pam's Faves this season. Here's what she has to say:

There's something mesmerizing about this tulip. Perhaps its the lovely mix of pink, orange, white and green that infuses its petals. Maybe it's the fully double form of the flower heads that allow it to really show off. Or maybe it's the sweet scent that exudes from each flower? I'll let you decide!

The name of this beautiful tulip comes from a 1970's Dutch pop song. Just like that jazzy tune, these tulips will have you dancin' in the garden!

When they say double they mean it! In fact, these beautiful tulips have twice the amount of petals and look more like a peony than a tulip. When planted in large groups they provide a spectacular blanket of colour. So be sure to put them in a prominent spot at the front of perennial borders or in containers placed strategically to pull focus. Some are fragrant and all make wonderful, long lasting cut flowers so snip away and enjoy some inside or share them with friends!

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