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Choose 'Canada Red' if you like sweetness and colour. The stalks keep their bright red colour, even when cooked. They are so tender there is no need to peel them. Plants are hardy and suitable for our northern climates.

Rhubarb might be a favourite pie plant, but it suffers from an identity crisis. It has been described as an "uncommon vegetable" that's used as a fruit in sauces and pies, but either way it’s easy to grow and super-yummy to eat. Grow it in a sunny spot in the garden or planted in a container - just as long as the container is large enough to accommodate a season's growth because it will get quite large. Growing Rhubarb is relatively simple in cool climates and unlike most vegetables, Rhubarb is a perennial so it can be left in the ground and will return a crop for many, many years. Once it’s ready to harvest in late summer you’ll be ready to bake a few home-made Rhubarb pies or perhaps freeze some fresh for later use in the winter-time.

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