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Hardy Kiwi is fun to grow and will bear fruit that tastes similar to traditional kiwi fruit. Note: it will bear fruit in the fall season (September) of its second year.

Kiwi 'Issai' is a vigorous, fast-growing, woody vine that grows quite tall and can fill a 200 sq. ft. trellis in time. Its foliage remains a lustrous green throughout the growing season. Slightly fragrant, greenish white flowers appear in May-June and this cultivar does not require a separate male pollinator plant.

This variety is closely related to the traditional kiwi fruit which is found in stores, but it has the advantage of a hairless skin so does not need peeling. Fruit is about 1½ ins (4cm) long and is extremely high in vitamin C, delicious and very sweet. The fruit tastes similar to, though slightly sweeter than, its larger-fruited relative, the true kiwi, Actinidia deliciosa, which can not be grown below a Zone 8.

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