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The Löwe 5 is the best pruner we've laid our hands on. Its compact size and powerful blade will win you over too with your first cut!

Löwe is the world's market leader for anvil pruning shears! Quality German craftmanship shines through from the moment you hold one in your hands and make your first cut: so smooth and effortless. The word anvil refers to the shears unique construction which creates a drawing cut against a fixed base plate - the anvil. This anvil cutting principle was developed by Walther Schröder in 1923 and since proven millions of times over resulting in a very easy cut, making it a favourite among professional users.

These pruners are useful in practically any situation and they are extremely robust making them it standard issue for viticulture, fruit growing and horticulture the world over!

Advantages of anvil technology:

•Very easy cutting
•very robust and ideal for harder woods
•Low-cost maintenance

Made in Germany to the highest quality standards this tool that will become your favourite and will last for years to come!

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