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Watch a YouTube demonstration video about the Y-Grip Trowel....click here...or scroll to the bottom of this page!

Dig smarter, not harder! Take the strain out of digging while you garden with the Y-Grip Trowel. Invented and ergonomically designed by a Registered Massage Therapist this versatile garden trowel makes digging, weeding, transplanting and cultivating more like fun, and less like work.

The Y-Grip Trowel makes garden work easier on your body. Attached to an alloy steel blade is a plastic handle that insulates your hand from heat and cold. The ergonomic design allows efficient digging with a neutral wrist position. But, it isn’t just comfort that makes this tool special, this versatile trowel can be used for weeding, digging, cultivating and transplanting using one or two handed grips.

• Using downward pressure, combined with a twisting back and forth motion, it is super efficient at breaking up and cultivating the soil.

• Using the two handed grip allows increased downward pressure for efficient digging with minimal strain.

• Using downward pressure with a twist lifts and loosens weed roots, enabling you to lift the root out, intact.

• Using downward pressure with the tool tilted back slightly, then rotating it 360 degrees, carves a well that is perfectly suited for planting bulbs and transplanting seedlings.

It is this variety of uses and hand positions that allows you to change your position frequently, reducing repetitive strain of the hand and wrist.

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