Benefits Of Mulching Your Garden And How To Do It

Mulching is an important garden care practice. It protects plants from the elements, conserves soil moisture, keeps weeds down and helps maintain soil temperature. Mulching is a great way to conserve energy around the garden and reduce the need for manual labor. When choosing a mulch for your garden, consider...

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building a relationship with your mailorder plant supplier

Plants are what make your garden special, different, rewarding and enjoyable. When it comes to adding these green delights to your space, you don’t necessarily have to look any further than your mail order plant supplier. Building a relationship with them can help ensure you get the best plants, the...

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How to grow mailorder plants from bulbs and bare roots

Growing plants from bulbs and bare roots is an excellent and cost-effective way to grow your garden. While it may be intimidating for new gardeners, planting bulbs and bare roots is relatively simple and quick to complete. The first step to growing your new plants is to properly prepare the...

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