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This bold blue and yellow collection of flowers represent the warmth and vibrancy of the Tuscan sun and the gorgeous blue sky that surrounds it. Plant these blue and yellow beauties in a sunny well-drained location to enjoy a taste of Tuscany in your Canadian springtime garden.      

Wendy Leroux

Tuscany Charm Collection includes:

10 Iris Reticulata 'Katharine Hodgkin'

This stunning Iris Reticulata is my all-time favourite spring flower! The patterns and mixes of blue and yellow on every petal create the look of butterflies in flight. In well-drained sunny locations, they will multiply well and provide you with yearly reminders of the blue skies and sunny days in Tuscany. 

20 Allium Azureum 

There's something about true blue flowers that remind me of the Tuscan sky. This azure blue colour Allium is the epitome of that Italian blue! The flowers are graceful and when planted in sunny, well-drained locations they can naturalize and be enjoyed for many years. 

12 Muscari 'Big Smile'

I have always loved these Muscari for their bright blue colour and height. They stand a little taller than the usual and they last a lovely long time. Plant them in bunches for the best effect and be sure to cut some to bring indoors and enjoy. 

8 Golden Ducat Daffodils

These fully double, golden yellow blooms can produce flowers that are 3-5 inches across. They're sweetly fragrant and the brilliant golden-yellow petals are like a Tuscan sunburst! Plant them in sunny, well-drained locations and you will have them for years to come.

8 Rynveld Early Sensation Daffodils

These bright yellow Daffodil blooms are the first ones we will see each spring. Plant them in bunches, in sunny well-drained locations, and they will naturalize well. They will be a spring reminder of the Tuscan sun and warmer days to come.

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