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Tiny Ghost Asiatic Patio Lily is one of Wendy's Faves this season...here's why:

I’m gravitating to all shades of red and pink this season and Tiny Ghost is giving me all the right mix. This Asiatic Patio Lily will be right at home in containers on the deck, or in the garden with a few colour coordinated perennials planted alongside. Bred to provide more blooms, improved colour and stronger stems. That means brighter, longer lasting flowers!

Wendy Leroux

Hmmmm, you'd think they'd be white but we figure that these Tiny Ghosts wanted to be seen! Their bright pink colour will surely turn more than a few heads!

Asiatic Patio Lilies are shorter, dwarf versions of the standard Asiatic Lily. Their blooms, however, are just as large and the flower petals are somewhat more succulent. The new Tiny Collection was bred for more blooms, improved colour and stronger stems. This means brighter, longer lasting flowers for you! These prolific little bloomers can be grown in pots and containers and there's nothing stopping you from planting them in the garden along borders and at the front of your flower beds.

They like a rather heavy soil with an ample supply of humus and good drainage. Remove faded flowers and do not cut back stems until autumn. Bulbs should not be lifted but left in the soil to bloom annually for many years.

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