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'Latham' is one of the most popular standard, red raspberries. It offers large, mildly sweet, firm fruit. A great producer in cooler areas and disease tolerant.

Latham raspberries are one of the oldest raspberry cultivars and were first introduced as a hybrid cultivar in 1920 in Minnesota, where they were developed to adapt well to cold weather. Latham raspberry plants have white flowers that develop into sweet berries. The Latham raspberry can grow to a height of 10 feet if left unchecked so regular pruning is advised unless you wish to grow it over a fence or trellis. Prune Latham raspberries twice a year, in spring and immediately after the harvest.

In spring remove all the weak canes and cut back tall canes to 5 feet. After the summer harvest, remove all the canes that have produced fruit. Latham raspberries are upright but often need support when fruit is most abundant. They do well when supported on wire trellis systems. All raspberries are self-pollinating so you'll get years and years of fruit harvest from just one plant and just think of all the lovely home-made desserts you will enjoy! Fresh or baked or cooked into jams Raspberries are among the most popular berry fruit available and now you too can grow your own!

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