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A much sought after variety, Callie's Memory can produce up to 50 flowers per season and requires no staking.

Intersectional peonies are a relatively new class of Paeonia created by crossing herbaceous garden types with woody tree types. They are often called 'Itoh Peonies' because the original cross was first made successfully by Japanese nurseryman Mr. Toichi Itoh in 1948.  Intersectional Peonies offer the best qualities of both garden and tree peonies including: very large, tree peony-like flowers in colours not previously seen in herbaceous types. Healthy, herbaceous foliage similar to tree peonies but with a robust, bushy habit that does not require staking. Strong, herbaceous stems that hold the flowers upright even after a heavy rain, a longer bloom time due to additional flowers being produced on side shoots and extreme winter hardiness like herbaceous types but with increased vigour.

Peonies are one of the longest living herbaceous perennials often found in older gardens, for once established they will survive neglect. One hundred year old peonies are not uncommon. Peonies are considered to be relatively pest free and ants on peony buds are common and totally harmless. If plants do not flower, possible causes include (1) planted too deep or too shallow, (2) too much shade, (3) late frost killed buds or (4) plant is too young or has been recently moved or disturbed.

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