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Nerine bowdenii produces attractive, trumpet-shaped pink flowers whose petals curl sharply backward. A later season bloomer, it produces a cluster of pink lily-like flowers on leafless stems. Plant them in a sheltered location that will provide warmth and plenty of sun.

Commonly known as the Guernsey Lily, Nerine bowdenii is a very popular cut flower. Expect the long lasting pink clusters to appear at the end of the growing period (Sept - Oct) when the foliage has almost withered. Nerine bowdenii can be grown in gardens in zones 8-10 and in any zone if put in a container and moved indoors over the winter. Containers should be brought indoors to a cool, brightly lighted location in winter.

One advantage of growing these bulbs in containers is that they like to be crowded and will blossom more freely when crowded together in a pot or container. Be sure to repot every four to five years.

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