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Alstroemeria 'Avrille' is one of Elke's Faves this season...here's why:

This beautiful lily-like bloomer has always been a cut flower favourite of mine because it’s a chic and long-lasting addition to any bouquet.
Not only is it a great cut flower, but it also has a showstopper look and is known as a long-lived perennial, flowering from mid summer well into the autumn season. Win-Win I’d say!

Elke Wehinger

Alstroemeria 'Avrille', with its captivating, funnel-shaped flowers, graces our gardens from June to November, enduring for months on end. These exquisite blooms boast a mesmerizing dark peachy pink hue, adorned with vibrant yellow speckled throats.

The robust nature of alstroemeria lies in its fleshy rhizomes, which form clumps that gradually expand in size each year. This growth results in an abundance of luxuriant, lance-shaped foliage, accompanied by a profusion of dazzling flowers. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, alstroemeria serves as a vibrant centrepiece in any border, injecting a splash of colour and flamboyance.

Moreover, it proves to be an exceptional choice for cut flowers, boasting a remarkable vase life of two to three weeks. This longevity ensures that the beauty of alstroemeria can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors, enhancing any space with its enduring charm.

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